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Anime: More Than Just A Cartoon

No description

Lewis Booton

on 8 March 2014

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Transcript of Anime: More Than Just A Cartoon

"Anime fansubbing is situated at the disjuncture of the global mediascape, which intensifies with the increasing public access to means to copy and share." - Lee (2011, p.1131) "Sin City creator and co-director Frank Miller is an acknowledged manga enthusiast." - Drawing a Revolution (2007) HOLLYWOOD: Fanatics With Money = THE GLOBAL MEDIASCAPE ANIMEFREAK.TV WATCHOP.COM 707 Manga Chapters Translated Online 594 Anime Episodes Translated Online ...Currently ONE PIECE Exploitative and Affectionate Fan Parodies Team Fourstar LittleKuriboh Vegeta8639 Fanatics Creating for other Fanatics Comedic Fanatical Intertextual Interlinking "Yes Goku, I'm a green f*cking dinosaur!" Super Mario DBZ Abridged Ep 2 "I am your White Mage" DBZ Abridged Ep 26 Final Fantasy DBZ Abridged Ep 33 DBZ Abridged Ep 34 Doctor Who Tardis Doctor Who Dalek "Exterminate. Exterminate." ANIME Mecha science

"Bodies merged technology


"Merged with pieces of technology in order to “give birth” to new creatures." - The Cult Film Reader

“Usually huge, with rippling metallic “muscles” and armed with a variety of weapons to the extent that it almost parodies the male ideal. – p.86 ANIME: FROM AKIRA TO HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE Technology, Futurology &
The Body Violent


Demons “whose penises are larger than skyscrapers.” – p. 310 THE CULT FILM READER

Hentai brings the body to the fore, not only in terms of sexuality but also in relation to aesthetics and gender. Trash Aesthetics Hentai Judith Butler– “Women’s bodies are positioned as objects of scopophilic or fetishistic voyeuristic pleasure.”- P.153 Body Art: Performing the Subject Referencing Feminist Theory
“…outrageously erotic girl-women are drawn with huge, shimmering eyes, ropy hair in colors that do not occur in nature, lipless mouths that form into perfect geometric shapes, and sideways letter vees to represent noses.” - NetSexxx
The Female Body ANIME: SEXUALISED ANIME: FROM AKIRA TO HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE A hybrid of Shonen & Shojo anime

Cyborg body

"Kusanagi is not a human or a human enmeshed in body armor but a cyborg, who, while possessing human features, is actually a technological creation." “…Her arms are splitting open and the muscle fibres and the steel are ripping…a total disregard and disconnection for her own being.”
- Drawing a Revolution (2007) The Technological Body La Blue Girl ANIME: FROM AKIRA TO HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE Female Comic voyeur -shrunken body, childlike body, humorous and the opposite of empowering

Demonic phallus incarnate. - Powerful, male but non human, muscular demons Man Hentai Trash Aesthetics:
The body Yoko – First Hentai series magazine in 1995 Known as the forefather of “tentacle” sexualised manga and anime. The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife. – Wood block printing by Hokusai (1814) Hentai Getting ‘Deep’ “Westerners raised on a culture of children’s cartoons may find anime’s global popularity surprising. Certainly one salient aspect of anime, as time’s disquisition makes clear, is its insistent difference from dominant American pop culture.”
– Napier (2005 p.9) Anime Types and Elements
The chains that link Darker
Extreme or over the top
Politically Charged
Focus on the technological
Multi Layered Plot Themes of Anime “The most valuable feature of the concept of culture is the concept of difference”
– Appadurai (2005 p.9) Manga – A sort of Japanese comic book. This is a little different when compared to say, This You know, for kids! Camp over the top violence Unlike American comics which while still popular became a cult in their own country, Manga flourished into a widely accepted household brand of entertainment. The Female body is depicted as an object to be viewed
violated and tortured.

Hentai seems to privilege the image of the female body in pain, usually with graphic scenes of torture and mutilation of women. La Blue Girl Complicated hellish/demon-rapist narrative Main characters are female and are trained in "sexual magic arts" THE CULT MEDIUM Ghost in the Shell Ghost In The Shell "As a sentient lifeform, I hereby demand political asylum." Cult Status - It remains a favorite of many western anime fans because of its combination of technically sophisticated (and extremely beautiful) computer animation and its complex and philosophically sophisticated storyline. Manga Any Questions? MORE THAN JUST A CARTOON? Let's have a look at the 'facets' of Anime. Violence A trashy bucket of gore FANDOM Ninja Scroll "Have you seen this? Heads get cut off!" What Makes Anime Cult? THE ANIME INFLUENCE Hollywood Films The Music Industry The 'Vocaloid' Frank Miller What differentiates What does ANIME mean to you? Weird? Childish? Perverted? YOU'RE WRONG! And explore the aspects that make it more than just a cartoon. And what makes it part of the Cult Medium? A shift in cultural entertainment Cartoons had entered an age of universal acceptence. (Can't be 'Cult' without 'Cultists') Poignant statements made.

The Human Psyche explored.

Abstract images meant to trigger certain emotions. “The most valuable feature of the concept of culture is the concept of difference”
– Arjun Appadurai Anime from Akira to Howls Moving Castle Defining style to Distinguishing The Trash Aesthetic One of the first was Astro boy by Osamu Tezuka. As media progressed this form of serialization was eventually made into a moving picture. The Evolution Begins THE ACTIVE ANIME FANATIC The online community Western Accessibility Independent designs Evidential Financial Growth and Popularity Anime develops Fanbase Anime is sold and marketed to Fanbase Parody is developed from Anime Parody develops Fanbase Parody is sold and marketed to Fanbase Defining the Style and Trash Aesthetic to Distinguishing its Appeal "The Internet, and the widespread deployment of broadband access, have increased accessibility to fan creations in several ways. First, the number of fandoms represented has exploded." - Tushnet (2007, p.61) "Today, Google lists over 1.2 million results for a search of the phrase 'fan fiction'." - Tushnet (2007, p.62) "Fan subtitlers' distribution of Anime is in many ways not unlike the work of other active fan-producers, who create ancillary texts ranging from fan fiction to fan art." - Denison (2011, p.450) "These are industry's own texts, re-translated and distributed for free by fans, and they are shaping the discourse between Anime's most active set of fan-producers and the companies that originate their objects of fandom." - Denison (2011, p.450) In a way anime revels in bewildering Western audiences with its adult visuals. FAlCAWWWWNN PAWNCH!!!! The KITSCH Consumer Market 'Piccoyoshi' Its established itself as a genre of film
where anything is possible no matter how
absurd and abstract. With that in mind there is a cult fascination
behind it. A sort of legendary mythos about
anime and its contents which is spread by
word of mouth. References Napier, J. (2005) 'Anime From Akira To Howls Moving Castle, Second Edition, Hampshire: Plagrave MacMillan Laura Mulvey - The Male Gaze Barthes, R. (1983) 'Empire Of Signs' Second Edition, United States: Hill and Wang Tushnet, S. (2007) 'Copyright Law, Fan Practices, and the Rights of the Author' in Gray, J. (ed.) 'Fandom: Identities and Communities in a Mediated World'. New York University Press, pp.60-74. Can this be said for anime? “Sexuality in Japanese society doesn't have the puritanical influences that tend to limit the filmmakers in Hollywood.” – Drawing a Revolution (2007)

“Sex and pornography in anime for grown ups is common place.” - Drawing a Revolution (2007) The Commonality of Sexualized Anime Watson, P. (1997) p. 66 - 83 'Trash Popular Culture and its Audience' (Eds.) Cartmell, D. Hunter, I. Q. Kaye, H. Whelehan, I. First Edition, London: Pluto Press Akira (1988) Katsuhiro Ôtomo, Japan, TOHO Lee, H. (2011) 'Participatory Media Fandom: A Case of Anime Fansubbing', Media, Culture & Society, 33(11), pp.1131-1147. Ghost In The Shell (1995) Mamoru Oshii, Japan, Shochiku Denison, R. (2011) 'Anime Fandom and the Liminal Spaces Between Fan Creativity and Piracy', International Journal of Cultural Studies, 14(8), pp.449-466. Filmography Ninja Scroll (1993) Yoshiaki Kawajiri, Japan, Tokyo Theatres One Piece (1997 - ongoing) Gorō Taniguchi, Fuji TV Dragon Ball Z (1989 - 2003) Daisuke Nishio, Fuji TV Drawing a Revolution (2007) USA, 17th December [Online] Available at: Youtube.com (Accessed April, 2013) Naruto (2002 -2007) Hayato Date, Animax Demonic Phallus The female body subject
to torture Mathijs. E. (2012) 'Cult Cinema', John Wiley & Sons The overt viewing of women

implicitly encouraged through its frequent depiction. "It is not just the male characters in anime who watch the female, however, but the consumer who watches them watching her, or watches her through the males' eyes. " - Manga Girl Seeks Herbivore Boy Positioned as agents of sexual desire - Sin City (2005) Frank Miller, Dimension Films Steger. B & Koch. A (2013) Manga Girl Seeks Herbivore Boy: Studying Japanese Gender at Cambridge. LIT Verlag “Sex and pornography in anime for grown ups is common place.” - Drawing a Revolution (2007) “Hentai is acceptable to a certain degree because its something that people see as animation. Its not live action its something that someone has drawn.”
– Kaoru Mfaume of Manga entertainment Female characters become an object of control and violence by these male demons Anthropologist Anne Allison
Comment on Anime Scopophilia Male gaze The male gaze stops the woman
making her "an object or image of male viewing" -Anime: From Akira to Howls Moving Castle
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