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Copy of taiga biome

No description

period7jones group5

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Copy of taiga biome

Taiga biome by : Jackson,Viviana,will, and chase Group 5 period 7 Jones The average temperature of the taiga biome is -40 to 20 degrees. Some of the animals in the taiga are bald eagle, bobcat , gray wolf , red fox ,wolverines, and canadian lynx. Some of the plants in the taiga are jack pine, paper birch, white poplar, Douglas-fur and Siberian spruce. the soil type in the taiga is similar to that of the tundras because of the harsh temperature during the winter. Climatograph

The winters lowest temp. is -65 degrees
The summer is very rainy and short
winter lasts 7 months
average rainfall is 12 inches
precipitation is about 40 inches Food Web Producers pine tree moss Primary consumers artic hare moose squirrel secondary consumers taiga flycatcher lynx bear snow owl tertiary consumers decomposers mushrooms the moose is the herbivore of the taiga because it eats plants the bob cat is the carnivore of the taiga because it eats meat the lynx is the omnivore of the taiga because it eats plants and meat Plants of the taiga thumbnail buttercups conifers fungi penicellum these are all plants for the taiga biome
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