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An Ingenious Way to LIve

Stories about my mother's journey through different language games-eduction focus on changing the way we teach

Pamela Whitt

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of An Ingenious Way to LIve

20th Anniversary of ADA An Ingenious Way to Live 6th Anniversary
My Mother's Death Freedom of Choice When the flower arranger arranges the flowers,
he also arranges his mind and
the mind of the person who looks at the flowers - Zen Saying Between stimulus and response,
one has the freedom to choose.
Within the freedom to choose
are those endowments
that make us uniquely human:
self-awareness, conscience and
independent will SENSE-MAKING reflexivity degradation social prejudice cultural beliefs inaccessiblity segregation lack of social network medicalized lack of employment lack of education fear devalued ignorance poverty Environment 3rd Year University Teaching How My Mother
made the Screamng Stop
Through her Discovery
of Choice "If I give the call of alarm of someone living
they will drag me along silently and harshly
for that is what they do to anyone who crosses
the lines of the permissible world, the exceptional being
is dragged alone, the being who screams" Disability is not a 'brave struggle' or 'courage in the face of adversity'...disability is an art. It's an ingenious way to live." - Neil Marcus Work Knowledge Practical Knowledge Emancipatory Knowledge Habermas Generic Domains of Human Interest Wittengenstein words only have meaning
in the context of language games Rational Choices Sense - Making technical transfer information cause and effect social expectations family and community consensus status thoughts about the world setting aside social expectations step outside the technical see systems within systems transformative thought A Crystal View Letting the Blue Birds Go Fibromyalgia multiple perspectives Tranformative thinking Emancipatory thinking Technical Thinking I don't see the past that way anymore Radical Claims Teacher Education must teach
Language Function
Language Form All Students
can Learn to Think
about thier Place in the World Demystifying the process of Choice
is what it means to be a Teacher Access to Moral Decision- making Ethics v. Morals not a technical process
but a continous act
of relational care not having the language to talk about our
lives constrains our ability to make free
choices and in the end, disables us all Teachers are the Gatekeepers of Democracy
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