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Slapstick Humour

No description

Ben H.

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Slapstick Humour

Slapstick Humour
Examples from Twelfth Night
She's the Man
visual humour, often exaggerated actions lacking common sense

low comedy

no one actually gets hurt
The movie "The Three Stooges" uses slapstick humour often.
"Why, there's for thee, and there, and there!" (4.1.25).
This is a quote from the character of Sebastian, who is beating Sir Andrew.
Mean Girls
Mean Girls also has scenes that involve slapstick:
by Ben H., Lisa and Rachel
"With drinking healths to my niece: I'll drink to her as long as there is a passage in my throat, and drink in Illyria"(1.3.36-37).
This quote is the one that describes the scene when Sir Toby is drunk, falling around and belching.
Example #1
Example #2
When Viola and Duke hit Malcolm with a soccer ball and he falls over.
Example #3
Our last example from She's the Man is the scene when Viola, Monique and Olivia are fighting in the bathroom over Sebastian and such.
When Duke and Justin are fist fighting at the carnival and Viola intervenes.
She's the Man does a fantastic job of modernizing Twelfth Night and its use of slapstick humour.
still has fight scenes, only no weapons
people getting hit for amusement of the audience
not only men that fight/are subjects of slapstick
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