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Characteristics of Childrens' Emotions

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meena chilaka

on 3 November 2016

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Transcript of Characteristics of Childrens' Emotions

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Early childhood
Middle childhood
Self-conscious emotions are more governed by personal responsibility.
(eg.pride & guilt)

Emotional highs and lows increase.
Emotional swings.
Analytic thought.
Infancy and Toddlerhood
Childrens' emotions are transitory:
expresses emotions in unreserved manner

lacks clear understanding of situation because of immature intellectual development

short attention span
Childrens' emotions appear frequently:
this is because they have not learnt the social norms yet

Childrens' emotional responses are different:

influence of learning and environment
Childrens' emotions are intense:
lack gradation of intensity
fear, anger, joy are all expressed in pronounced overt responses.
Characteristic Features
Childrens' emotions are brief:

lasts only a few minutes
ends abruptly
as grows older, social restraints on overt responses lead to "moods".
Emotions-Infancy,Early childhood, Middle childhood, Adolescence

Characteristic Features

Characteristic Forms of Expression



Express common emotional expressions like
anger, joy fear
Emotion is related to concrete objects.
Emotions can be detected by symptoms of behavior:
cannot hide like adults
can be detected by tensions, restlessness, day dreaming, nervous mannerisms like nail biting,speech difficulties, frequent crying
Characteristics of childrens' Emotions
Emotions change in strength:
reasons include-changes in strength of drives,development of intellectual capacity, changes in interests and drives
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