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7th grade of the Stockholm International School went to Gotland for the School Trip

Aiko Kondo

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Gotland

7th grade school trip 2012 Gotland Trip Hello cabin! Day 1 Here we come to Visby! Time for the exciting trip to Gotland!
1hour bus, 3hour ship, and another 1hour bus ride to Holmhällar!
That was tiring(*_*) Bike ride with cows. Mooooo Day 2 The first day of the polar bear club! Then we hunt fossils, sketch, take photos, and write poems(^^) Afternoon, we bike and look at pictures of Lars Jonsson in a museum, go in a medieval church, and look at Gotland's nature in a museum. What a busy day! Day 3 Stone carving Water snake The third day was a whole day bike ride. First, we biked to a place with a lot of sand stone. We carved them as we want. At morning, the polar bear club was held again Then, we biked to a place and ate lunch. When we went a bit down from there, there were the sea and mini-caves and faces of stacks. We also hunted for fossils again. At last, we biked to a medieval church and went back to our cabin. Most people were tired of bikes by then (--;) The beautiful sea on the way to stone carve A model of Visby in the museum Day 4 Unfortunately, the last day of the polar bear club was ruined with the rain, though it still were held. As it was the final day, hop on the bus and go to Visby! Was the weather better in Visby? No! It was worse! Therefore this was the worst part of the trip... After the museum in Visby, we were eager to ride the ship and back to Stockholm! Getting to know each other
Learning about Middle Ages
Learning about fossils
Having fun
Getting handmade/found souvenirs Good things Bad things Spreading/getting cold
Long long bike ride
Long ride of buses and ships
Tired~ Overall
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