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Bob Hartman

No description

Catherine Fink

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of Bob Hartman

The Life Story of:
Robert Lee Hartman Born: August 2, 1923 Raised in Chanute, Kansas
Attended Kansas State Teachers College
Served as Regimental Transportation Sergeant in WWII
Married Frances Jones (1942)
Employed at Swift and company, and Black's Hardware
Began a variety of businesses: Alliance personnel service, Campers ridge
Employed at University of Illinois as Associate Director of Personnel
Retired and enjoyed life
Now a resident at Park Manor Timeline Talking about Work Regimental Transportation Sargent of the 924 Engineers
Worked on rebuilding airfields in multiple areas
Responsible for repair of Tempelhof and Le Bourget airfields
Used special machinery, like those used on the highways, to lay down asphalt in order to rebuild the runways WWII Bob Hartman
Frances Jones Vicky and Jon
Barger Allison Kevin Bo Bobby Karen and Timothy
Bondy Family Tree Favorites: Thank You For the Experience! Catherine, Rachel, and Danielle Pictures Bob's parents Bob and Frances during Junior College YMCA Club Play that Frances was in Bob at junior college as a senior A Letter Bob wrote to Frances in junior college Dear Frances,
I have enjoyed knowing you this past year. We have had lots of good fun and laughs in school especially speech as well as in B.Y.F. Am looking forward to seeing you next fall provided I don't have a gov't job in Tokyo
Your friend, Bob H Message to his daughters:
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