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Boats by Diana summative Asessment

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on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Boats by Diana summative Asessment

By Diana
4th grade
Ms. Margots Class
Hello everyone, have you ever been in a boat ? It's fun right ? Well a long time ago 2,400 years ago there were not many boats. The Boats were not very strong. One of the first boats the Trireme. The trireme Belonged to the ancient Athens from Greece had 2 painted eyes on the front of it to ward of bad luck or (get rid of bad luck). When the Trireme went into battle the sails were left on land and the masts went down. There were 170 oarsmen on board, They rowed on time by music played by a piper. A thick rope called Bypozoma ran from the stern to the bow inside the hull (the side of the boat). That rope kept the ship from drooping at the ends and sinking. When the rope got wet it had to be re tightened by twisting it with handles.
mary rose
On a summer day in 1545 king Henry the 8th in England sent his best war ship the Mary to defeat a French Fleet, that was threatening his kingdom. The Mary Rose was one of those ships sailing out to the battle. The problem was that the Mary Rose didn't last long. After a while it rolled over onto it's starboard (right side) and water rushed into it's open gunports or (cannons). Nearly 700 men drowned, while the king was watching the catastrophe from land.
437 years after divers found the Mary Rose and hundreds of items that showed life on board the Ship.
May flower
On September 6 1620 the May Flower took off with a crew of 25 workers and 102 passengers. The May Flower was taking English families to America to be free and believe in their own religion because their religion wasn't tolerated in their country. These travelers were then called the Pilgrims. The problems were that it was a very long journey and people suffered of the high seas, the disease's, and near starvation. Most people had to sleep in any nook or cranny they found because the ship was very crowded and sea water dripped. At the bottom of the ship there was spare ropes, sails, rudder, keep the boat straight and steer. There was also the ships cannon, supplies, the anchor cable, the ballast (something heavy carried in boats to steady it, and finally all the supplies they needed to build their new houses The May Flower returned to England on 1621. After the Pilgrims the May Flower was used to carry only cargo.
HMS Pandora
In 1790 The HMS Pandora set sail from England to catch the most notorious mutineers (robbers) in naval history. The HMS Pandora was named after a Greek mythology character. The Pandora had a cell at the back called Pandora's box and when the ship started to sink the prisoners sank too. It had an office and the officers lived in the stern and the captain's cabin which was the most luxurious one in the boat. Under the boat there were casks of fresh water and salted meat to eat! There were 24 main guns on board some were the new type nicknamed "Smashers". Big cannon balls did lots of damage and small one's killed crew members. The Pandora Succeeded in catching 14 mutineers but then hit the great Barrier Reef off North Queensland, Australia! In 1977, the wreck (destruction of a ship)was found and it's contents have been carefully excavated.
A Canberra is a floating hotel full of luxuries. It has swimming pools, stores, movie theaters and you can even play sports. The 960 hotel type crew members job is to make sure that everyone on board has a comfortable trip. A Canberra is a high speed ship. It's hull is shaped to slip easily through water. Two propellers are on the stern of the ship on either side of the hull. Canberra's have 14 floors. On the top are the swimming pools the radar scanners and the games deck. most passenger cabins are in the middle of the ship away from noise. At the bottom of the ship are is the drink storage, the engine room, the stabilizer the boiler room and the welded steel hull.
aircraft carrier
Aircraft Carriers are the worlds largest warships. Their flight decks stretch out bigger than the length of two football fields. A Carrier ship does not have to get too close to an enemy, because it's air craft can take of from the flight deck and attack. On the flight deck there was a Catapult Track to launch airplanes, and an elevator for planes. At the bottom of the ship there was the Aviation fuel tank, Ariel bomb storage the coding room, the commander's station and the Engine room. In the Engine room the Pilot House, the the Radar Indicator, the Telegraph, the chart table and the Porthole. In the Commander's room there was the Radio roo Bofors Anti Air Crafts (AA)and the Bridge.
The End.
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