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The Road Ahead

No description

Albemarle Commission

on 2 May 2017

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Transcript of The Road Ahead

How we're funded
How we function
Transportation funding in NC
Federal monies, the state gas tax, highway use tax, and DMV fees
The problem
Federal monies, the state gas tax, highway use tax, and DMV fees can no longer provide enough funding to build all of the transportation improvements needed to attract new industry, reduce congestion and connect citizens to new opportunities in North Carolina.

Under MAP-21 (2012), all states saw a reduction in federal funding, NC lost 24% of its federal funding.

The solution
The Strategic Transportation Investments Act (STI)
The problem
The solution?
The Road Ahead
Oversees the RPO and provides 80% of RPO funds, $115,625.00

NCDOT Transportation Planning Branch (TPB)
Member counties
Provide 20% of RPO funds, $28,906.00

The Albemarle Commission
Provides staff for the RPO. Paid on a reimbursement basis

Presented to the Currituck County LUP Steering Committee 2/27/2017
Signed into law on June 26, 2013

The STI is a new way to prioritize and fund transportation projects, for all modes, to ensure they provide the maximum benefit for our state. Process is data driven and requires local input from both NCDOT Division 1 as well as the ARPO.

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