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No description

Bretton Zinger

on 4 January 2017

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Transcript of Memoirs

Memoirs focus on a short amount of TIME in the writer's life.
4. My first girlfriend/boyfriend …
3. My favorite meal is …
Mack & Manco’s pizza on the Ocean City, N.J., boardwalk. Plain cheese, of course, with a Pennsylvania Dutch Birch Beer.
Carlyn Tate. Third grade. Wonder where she ended up.
5. When I was XX, my best friend was …
David Bui. I visited his grave for the first time on a 105-degree day. It was my birthday.
1. I'll always remember my mother's ...
spaghetti. Nobody makes spaghetti like she did.
2. When I was 5, ...
my mother took me and my brother to buy an aquarium and some fish. When we got home, she told me she and my dad were getting a divorce.
8. The best advice I ever got was ...
to ignore what people tell you.
6. If I could change one moment of my life, I would ...
have bought my grandmother's beach house when my dad sold it after she died. He asked. I said no.
7. My earliest memory is ...
sitting on the floor of my kitchen, playing with the pots and pans my mom put in a lower cabinet for my brother and me to play with.
9. I couldn't believe it when ...
I ordered a small drink at the movies and got a 32-ounce cup. A small. 32 ounces.
10. I wonder why I can remember, as clear as if it happened yesterday, ...
seeing Ray Gilner sitting by himself on the circle in my kindergarten classroom on the first day of school.
11. The first time my parents let me down was when ...
my dad got mad at my brother because he didn't want to spend Christmas Eve with our "new relatives," who were the family of my new stepmother.
12. I realized I was significantly different from my parents when ...
I told them I was going to film school.
13. Even my friends and family don't understand that I ...
actually don't enjoy writing. But I like having written something.
Ideas can come from anywhere. We all have memories that stick with us year after year, even though at the time the moments may not have seemed all that important.
Some moments you know are important, and you have a photo ...
Others aren't important, but because of the photo, the memory sticks with you ...
Copy down the following prompts, then complete the sentences quickly. (You can always go back and ponder different responses later.)
If you can't think of anything right away, no problem. You'll be able to complete at least some of them.
So go back through your photos. (Skip all the ones from the last two years.)
Everybody has
Yes, even you. You, who thinks, "My life is boring."
For our assignment (a "mini-memoir"), you will focus on one specific slice of your life. One moment or piece that has grown in importance to you as you have gotten older.
so what is a
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