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Medieval Japan

No description

Meredith linares

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Medieval Japan

Medieval Japan
There are 3 main religions:
Shinto, was Japans first religion that was based on the idea of nature spirits called Kami.
Zen Buddhism, focused on inner peace and discipline.
Pure Land Buddhism, was happy life after death, worshiping Amida which is you.

During this time period the Emperor made up the figurehead
The shogun,Diamyes, Samurai and Ronin made up the warrior class.
An, the Peasants, Artisans and Merchants made up 90% or the population and they were the lower class
The economy was rich at this time because of there trade with other places around them,
They had many benefits but it mainly went to the rich.
Map of Japan
Japan is considered a shimaguni (island land)because it is icsolated by the Pacific ocean and the Sea of Japan.
Due to their location there are about a thousand earthquakes a year.
An, many people are fishers and these people have to eat sea food mainly.
Pure land buddhism
Zen Buddhism
Social pyramid
Some achievement in japan were:
Murasaki Shikibu was the first person to write a novel in the world later on her novel influeneced many people.

Social structures
The social status was divided into 3 different structures
The 3 main classes the Figurehead, Warrior class and the lower class.
At this time period the Emperor made up the Figurehead.
The Shogun,Diamyes,Samurai and Ronin made up the warrior class.
90% of the population were peasants and Artisans and Merchants made up the lower class
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