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Leaving Fletchville - V.Salton

No description

Tori Salton

on 8 March 2011

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Transcript of Leaving Fletchville - V.Salton

It all Begins with Time Line For the Book Leaving Fletchville Brandon ( of the of main Characters ) gets sent down to the office and he sees a new family has arrived to the scool and they happen to be coloured. There are 3 children named Lean , he is Brandons age in 8th grade. Whinnie his sister who is in 7th grade , and Their little brother Sam who is in about grade 3
Leon is put in Brandons Class Starting of the book
pg's 3-9 Main Characters Brandon - grade 8
Lean - grade 8
Whinne - grade 7
Sam - grade 4 Setting Their School
Leon and Brandons apartment building Brandon's and Leon's teacher assigned the whole
class a project The project was a real life assigment when the students had to pretend they where all grown up and they had to pick out of a hat to get a job , they had to pick a place to live according to what they could afford due to their calery , they had to buy furtitue and pay taxes and buy grocheries on what they could afford, - they didnt actually have to do this , it was just pretend . Leon and Brandon started working together they decided to share rent in their assinement so "they lived together "

Pages 34-41 By:
René Schmidt Rene Schmidt

René Schmidt was born in Holland in 1954 and immigrated to Canada in 1957. He had many jobs in his early years. among the years he worked as a miner, truck driver, construction worker, taxi driver and upholsteror. he also trained as an officer candidate on a Great Lakes ship and studied performance at Ryerson. . As a teacher, Rene noticed a lack of interesting books for low ability readers and began writing his own. He has now retired from 28 years of teaching and tries to write daily. René is married and has two sons.

pgs 41-157 ( mostly all through the book ) Leon Gets a job at the grocerie store and works as a cashier there and does other little jobs around the shop to afford to pay the rent and food, whinnies lessons, and all the other nessesitys for living
so thats why this is a big part, with out the job than they would be money less with no way to pay their rent or food pgs 80-94 Sam is being picked on by some boys and that forces Leon to have to tell Brandon their secret about living with no parrents and paying for aeverything by them selfs , living just as 3 children and how Leon is treated like the dad Some other books by Rene Schmidt Santa's Hat, Canadian Disasters Glen Robbie A Scottish Fairy Tale Limited Edition Leon and Brandon are walking along the deserted lakefront beach , they spot a body floating in the water. They are deciding weather to call 911 and report the body. But Leon dosent know weather to becauses 911 would ask questions on who is calling where they live. In the end they decided to call, which did lead to some questions Sam goes missing when he does not come home from school Leon gets a little worried. They go out looking for Sam, they find him in a pipe near the rail way tracks, he is stuck so Brandon comes to the rescuse and gets hot water and soap whinnie goes in a gets him out Rest of the book When childrens AID shows up at Leons door they are forced to move out of the apartment, they are busted. But Brandons dad comes to the rescuse and steps in and convinces the court to let Leon,Whinnie, And Sam live in that apartment building by themsleves with no parrents. They now get funding from the goverment, and lots of free food So it looks like everything turned out fine for Leon, Whinnie and Sam
a great ending to a great book By Victoria Salton
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