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Twitter and Facebook and SWFRS


Rob Manfield

on 25 January 2012

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Transcript of Twitter and Facebook and SWFRS

What is Twitter? What is Facebook? What can Twitter do for SWFRS
Who's else is using Twitter? Use in Past Emergencies New Scientist in May 2008 found that . . . instant messaging systems like Twitter did a better job of getting information out during emergencies than either the traditional news media or government emergency services. Twitter can update Facebook automatically. Top Tweeters Barack Obama - 11,070,186 followers
BBC Breaking News - 2,183,215 followers
Sky News - 393,932 followers Mid & West FRS - 2,956 followers
North Wales FRS - 1,724 followers
SW Police - 6,782 followers
London Fire Brigade - 14,631 followers Facebook is a social networking service and Web site launched in February 2004, operated and privately owned by Facebook, Inc. Facebook has over 800 million active users worldwide.

Users must register before using the site, after which they may create a personal profile, add other users as friends or 'Like' (similar to 'following' in Twitter) Organisation 'Pages'.

Everyone who choses to 'Like' us will then recieve all our messages on their own facebook page.

SWFRS can take advantage of this and use Facebook as a powerful communication tool to interact with the population of South Wales.

Who uses Facebook? Facebook has over 800 million active users worldwide.
30,481,300 Facebook users in the UK.
57% of Welsh internet users have a Facebook account = 4 in every 10 Welsh adults.
89% of Welsh 16 - 24 year olds access Facebook.

Our Facebook Stats Number of 'Likes' = 656
Monthly Active Users = 697
30,752 'Post Views' (number of times our messages/posts have been read or viewed on a users screen)
163 'Post View' comments/feedback

Where do our 'Likes' come from

How do we use Facebook To share

News - Incidents
Events - Charity/Fundraising, Station events etc
Safety Messages - Seasonal messages (ie Bonfire Night)
Campaigns - Road Safety, Hoax Calls, Celebrate Safety
Keep the public up to date with emergency situations than either traditional news media or government emergency services
Which other Services use Facebook Mid & West Wales Fire and Rescue Service - 351 'Likes'
North Wales Fire and Rescue Service - 2,250 'Likes'
South Wales Police - 950 'Likes'
London Fire Brigade - 8,378 'Likes' To communicate

with a broader audience base and reach people who would'nt necessarily use our website (ie Younger Users) Who's else is using Facebook? Mid & West FRS - 351 'Likes'
North Wales FRS - 2,250 'Likes'
SWFRS - 656 'Likes' and counting
SW Police - 950 'Likes'
London Fire Brigade - 8,379 'Likes' Social Media is simply
online two way communication Raise Awareness - Our messages will reach all our followers instantly
Help build contacts with other organisations and Fire and Rescue Services
Promote SWFRS events/latest news stories - link back to SWFRS website
Live tweets - from events/conferences to let people know whats happening
Customer Service - It allows us to instantly respond to a question or query about SWFRS
Build relationships with stakeholders
Creates trust
Adhoc consultation i.e. WAG requirements
Crisis Communications - can help difuse and reasure the public about incidents What can Facebook do for us? Social Media Launch Engagement and 2-way communication Lates News, Fire and Road Safety Information Compliment not replace Twitter is a social networking service that allows you to tell the world what you are doing, express your thoughts on a certain subject or simply engage in conversation by sending short text messages of 140 characters in length, called “tweets”, to your friends, or “followers.”

Twitter has many uses for both personal and business use. It’s a great way to keep in touch with your friends and quickly broadcast information about where you are and what you’re up to. For example, “I’m going to watch the rugby. Anyone like to join me?”

For business, Twitter can be used to broadcast your company’s latest news interact with your customers, e.g. 'South Wales Fire and Rescue launch new Social Media sites' or to enable easy group communication.
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