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University of California

No description

ETS Talent Search

on 5 September 2015

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Transcript of University of California

University of California

ETS Training 2015

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
UC-Comprehensive Review
1. Academics
2. Activities & Awards
3. Personal Statement
Why Personal Statement?
So students can distinguish themselves from others
Elaborate on something from their application
To reveal new information not mentioned in application
To highlight activities, programs, and accomplishments
To discover characteristics, abilities, and talents
Explain any obstacles/challenges faced and how student has overcome them
UC wants to know about
Leadership & Initiative
Length of involvement
Progression within group to leadership role
Founder/leader of group
Team Captain
Editor of newspaper, magazine, or yearbook
Work Experience
Student Government
Peer Counselor
Community Activism
Family Responsibilities
UC Application
9 Undergraduate Campuses- 1 UC Application
A-G Requirements
A: History/Social Science- 2 Yrs
B: English- 4 Yrs
C: Math- 3 Yrs (4 recommended)
D: Lab Science- 2 Yrs (3 recommended)
E: LOTE- 2 yrs (2 recommended)
F: VPA- 1 Yr
G: College Prep Elective- 1yr

10th & 11th grade-including summer sessions
Rigor of course work (i.e. Honors, AP, IB)

Test Scores

G.P.A. (grades on "A-G" Courses)
Activities & Awards
Awards and Honors
Volunteer/Community Service
Educational Preparation Programs (i.e. ETS, EAOP)
Work Experience
Extracurricular Activities
Coursework other than "A-G"

University of California
3.0 GPA (10 & 11th grade)
SAT Reasoning or ACT with Writing (SAT Subject Optional)
A-G Subject Requirements
Eligibility Requirements
Personal Statement
Describe the world you come from (for example, your family, community, or school)-- How has your world shaped your dreams and aspirations?
Describe an accomplishment, experience, or personal quality that's
important to you. What about this
experience makes you proud and how
does it relate to the person you are?

WHY Do They Ask About Activities?
Is an opportunity to show admissions what else you do beyond academics.
Shows leadership, initiative, activism, etc.

UCs want a well rounded student
Was the student recognized for, selected for, accepted to...
publication of work
community service
science fair
recipient of scholarship
essay or speech contest
church related activities
AP Scholar

These include activities students have meetings for on a regular basis, or participate in

school clubs
Participating in athletics
creative writing projects
outside organizations
school newspaper
musical performance
summer programs

Honors/Awards Extracurricular Activities
Educational Prep Programs Volunteer/Community Service
University of California
Educational Talent Search
College Match
Volunteering in...
Community programs
Cancer/aids walks
Blood drives
Helping at school
Babysitting siblings
Feeding the homeless
Student's must describe what their involvement is/was with the activity
Highlight: Leadership positions and responsibilities

What Makes a Good Essay
Well thought out
Presenting new and compelling information
Well written...the UCs do not evaluate students on structure and grammar, but they must understand the flow of student responses
Overcoming hardships

*November 1-30: Application submission Period*

Students are able to start working on the UC Application online beginning in August- they will just not be able to submit until November.
Application Fee: $70 per campus

Fee waiver: if student qualifies
it will cover 4 campuses
UC Website

Tips for ETS College Advisors
Create your own application
Fill out an application
Review the common questions in each section
On the UC Application- students must list all grades earned exactly as they appear on their transcripts (including D and F grades that have been repeated)
All first time applicants begin here
Use the progress bar to navigate different sections of the application
Learn what is in each section
Read commonly asked questions for helpful information
Students should select up to 16 choices
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