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Syllabus Introduction

No description

Laura Nix

on 29 July 2018

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Transcript of Syllabus Introduction

For The Record...
(and yes, you need these every day!)
Plagiarism = Doom
If you didn't think of it, don't claim it as your own.
Classroom Expectations
Welcome to World Literature!
Daily Procedures
Place a check next to your Stalker Stick and pick up your journal. Turn off and put away your cell phone.
Within those units, we will also be working to improve your skills in reading, writing, listening,

Your English Notebook
You will need a three ring binder with loose-leaf paper, tabs, and dividers, like so...
Your Journal

This should just be a standard composition book for daily work, like so...
A positive attitude

A serious work ethic
A pen and a pencil, like so...
Y u no bring your stuff ?!?
Number 1 Rule :

Be here on time, with your materials.
When it is time to listen, listen.
Check the drama
at the door..

unless we are working on plays!
When it is time to talk, talk.
One does not simply
use your phone in class...
I really want to eat this enchilada...
but there's no food in class...
It's a mutual thing!
Sleeping in class?
Getting an immediate lunch detention...
Assignments are due when they are due...
not when you remember to turn them in.
Step 1.
Step 2.
Complete your journal entry and copy our learning target for the day.
If this happens repeatedly,
I'll need to speak with your parents about your bedtime, and to explain the write-up you earned.
We will be covering the following:

Short Stories (Mixed)
Poetry (Mixed)
Greek Drama -
- Genius Hour Project
Shakespeare -
Julius Caesar
Novel Study -
Life As We Knew It
King Arthur - as time allows

without permission.
If you leave a mess and lose this privilege, it will be class-wide.
So don't.
You know the drill... when the tardy bell rings, the door locks.
By the way, if you forget your pen or pencil, you may borrow one of mine. The only catch? They are hard to take with you due to the giant flowers on top.
We usually don't have much homework in this class.
If I have to wait on you to be quiet to continue, homework will be gradually added to the list on the board. My advice? Don't.
Except when instructed otherwise, there are no phones allowed in my class. If you keep yours, it will be turned off and put away in your things. If I see it out without permission, it will go to the office for parent pickup. DON'T test this out, because moms are NOT happy when this occurs.
Step 3.
Add any vocabulary or literary terms needed for the day.
Step 4.
Put your journal BACK.
Is it always so cold/hot in here?
Here's my paper. Here! Here it is!
Why aren't you taking it from me?
I need to use the restroom. Can I go?
Can I use one of the ChromeBooks?
Can I have the stapler/tape/hole punch?
So put them back when done!
Can I plug in my phone/tablet/etc.?
Can I see a yearbook?
Hate reading out loud?
In this class, we'll use several
different methods of reading,
including silent reading,
small group, full class, and
reading aloud. You won't
always have to read parts
in every work we cover.
Love to write? Hate to write?
In this class, like with our reading, you will
write in many different ways each day.
We will complete one research paper, several
short stories, a persuasive paper, and many
small writing assignments.

Each day will begin with bell-work, and many
days will close with a final activity.

A word of advice? Don't neglect these assignments. Writing assignments sometimes count as test grades, and all are graded. If you write something in class, turn it in!
Are you already a good listener?
This will help you in this class.
World Literature covers a wide range of subjects, many of which will help you in classes down the road and in later life.
Whether it is the correct way to create an MLA-style Works Cited page or survival skills that we'll cover in our novel unit, you never know when you may need to recall the material covered in the class.

As such, carve out some space in your memory for the things that we'll discuss during this course, and prepare to continue to use it in the semesters to come.
In this class, as in many of your other courses, several units will involve speaking aloud before the group.
In that regard, you will be respectful when others in
the class present material, and they will be respectful when you are presenting as well.
Does public speaking make you uncomfortable? Fun fact... I used to despise it myself. With that in mind, let me know if you find it difficult. Throughout the course of our assignments, I hope you'll become more
comfortable as you use different methods and
techniques. The only way to truly mess up
is to not try at all.
What does that mean, and why is it the #1 Classroom Rule?
I can show you respect in many different ways.
Some of these include treating you with courtesy, paying attention to what you are saying when you speak, listening to your needs in the classroom, and helping you succeed. You should never hesitate to ask me to slow down or to go back over something that you didn't understand.
You can show respect in the classroom in different ways as well.
Some of these ways include making an effort
to follow class rules and procedures, being courteous and polite, listening quietly during lessons, and treating your classmates well.
Why is it the Number One
Classroom Rule?
It's the most important thing you'll hear today because, with mutual respect, we'll have a great class. You'll be able to learn and succeed, and I'll be able to help you.

I love to include activities in my classes
like food days, outdoor assignments,
and special projects.
With Rule 1, we'll be able to do many
more of these types of lessons.
The key here is that you get
three strikes, as a class.

If I find three pieces of food or
garbage left in my room, the class will lose food and drink privileges. You brought it? You clean it up.

Roaches are gross, and very unwelcome here.
* Trust me... none of you are this committed!
If it happens twice, ALL phones will be taken up at the beginning of each class... just FYI.
I'll let you know
when something
needs to go in here. You'll be
responsible for keeping up with
handouts and work.

This journal will stay
in this classroom, so
you'll need one that
is separate from all
other subjects.
No math notes!

We'll use this
every day.
This means that if you are having a bad day, that' s ok, but put it aside so that we can learn what we need to for the day.
Even if English isn't your best or favorite subject, if you come ready to work each day, I'll make sure you have the tools to succeed in this class. Put in
the effort, and it will be a
great semester!
This is an instant way to earn a permanent zero on an assignment.
With plagiarized work, no second
chances are offered.
Late work will be accepted, but not for full credit.

If you are late on an assignment, finish it and turn it in anyway for partial credit, because a zero is as low as you can go. Even partial credit will help you, both with your course grade and your comprehension of the material.

Even better?
Turn your work in when it is due. The due dates for all work in each unit are tracked
on the board.
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