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Syllabus Introduction

No description

Laura Nix

on 4 January 2017

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Transcript of Syllabus Introduction

For The Record...
(and yes, you need these every day!)
Plagiarism = Doom
If you didn't think of it, don't claim it as your own.
Classroom Expectations
Welcome to World Literature!
Daily Procedures
Place a check next to your Stalker Stick and pick up your journal. Hang up your cellphone.
Within those units, we will also be working to improve your skills in reading, writing, and listening.

Your English Notebook
You will need a three ring binder with loose-leaf paper, tabs, and dividers, like so...
At least two pens and pencils, like so...
Your Journal

This should just be a standard composition book for daily work, like so...
A positive attitude

A serious work ethic
Y u no bring your stuff ?!?
Number 1 Rule :

Be here on time, with your materials.
When it is time to listen, listen.
Check the drama
at the door..

unless we are working on plays!
When it is time to talk, talk.
One does not simply
use your phone in class...
I really want to eat this enchilada...
but there's no food in class...
It's a mutual thing!
Sleeping in class?
Marking you absent!
Assignments are due when they are due...
not when you remember to turn them in.
Step 1.
Step 2.
Complete your journal entry.
*Not really, but you will receive: a zero participation grade
and a lunch detention.
You definitely don't
got time for that!
We will be covering the following:

Short Stories
Greek Mythology
King Arthur
without permission.
If you leave a mess and lose this privilege, it will be class-wide.
So don't.
You know the drill... when the tardy bell rings, the door locks.
By the way, if you forget your pen or pencil, you may borrow one of mine. The only catch? They are hard to take with you due to the giant flowers on top.
We usually don't have much homework in this class.
If I have to wait on you to be quiet to continue, homework will be gradually added to the list on the board. My advice? Don't.
See that large rack by the door?
Turn off your phone and park it here when you arrive each day.
Step 3.
Add any vocabulary or literary terms needed for the day.
Step 4.
Put your journal BACK.
Is it always so cold/hot in here?
Here's my paper. Here! Here it is!
Why aren't you taking it from me?
I need to use the restroom. Can I go?
Can I use one of the ChromeBooks?
Is your pencil sharpener broken?
So put them back when done!
Can I plug in my phone/tablet/etc.?
Can I see a yearbook?
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