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Copy of Open Hardware talk at Transmediale.de 2009

for the open source hardware panel

hou lon Leong

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Open Hardware talk at Transmediale.de 2009

open hardware literacy technological Access Kitchen Budapest - program director - www.kibu.hu
Aether Architecture - director - www.aether.hu
Prezi.com - founder This presentation is public at
Prezi.com/5702 CO & Adam Somlai-Fischer Power Pope pixels Writing technology Allow non specialist to enter to make the technoloy itself culturaly diverse technology is Hacking toys use and abuse re-appropriating remove the narrative stars with computer interfaces http://lowtech.propositions.org.uk Only takes hours to get confidence in hardware Remove narrative (case or fur) Combine for a new social space ...is a great example touch/sound sensor -> light/sound actuator triggers on most toys can trigger a relay but there is more... Budgets: Around $800-$1200
Jackets : $100-$250
Shirts: $100-150
Shoes: $100-$150
Pants: $75-$125
Hair styling: $30-$50
Transportation : $300-$500
After Prom: $20-50
Lowtech sensors and actuators
With Usman Haque COrvinus,
The cat touch
sensitive hi Melinda Timeline
Shoes: $130 without tax
$146.9 with tax
Shoes detail:
Material: Leather
Sole: Rubber
Hair Styling:$30 $450.00 Round Trip Package(One pick up location, one drop off location, and return.) with White Lincoln Towncar (up to 10 passengers)
30% Deposit: $141.75
$450 without tax
$472.50 with tax

END Jacket:$150 without tax
$169.5 with tax
Jacket's detail:
•Color: white
•Front buttons - 2
•Front pockets - 2
•Cuffs buttons - 4
•Inside colour - white tonic
•Inside pockets - 4
Front view Back view Suits
Shoes Hair styling After party Interior
view Exterior
View Shirts: 59$ without tax
66.67$ with tax
•Front pocket: 2
•Front buttom: 6
•100% Cotton
•Machine wash cold After prom:Go to drink
bubble with my friends.
$20-30 Tansportation Pants: $75 without tax
$84.75 with tax
Pants detail:
•Front style - flat
•Front pockets - 2
•Back pockets - 2
•Fly - zip
•Belt loops - yes
Total: $911.15 Prom Budgets. Bibliography:

By: Kenny
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