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Refusal Skills

No description

Mariana Garcia-Serrato

on 4 May 2013

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Transcript of Refusal Skills

Learning how to "Just say NO" Refusal Skills What is Peer Pressure? Peer pressure is pressure from people your own age to do things you know are risky, wrong, or that you normally wouldn't do on your own.

Have you ever been in such a situation?

How have you handled it? When No isn't enough Learning to say no to someone we like is not easy. It brings up a lot of conflicting feelings. When friends ask us to do something that feels wrong, we not only feel uncomfortable about doing whatever we have been asked
to do, but we may also feel uneasy about losing respect, losing popularity, perhaps even losing friendship. Today we’re going to learn how to say no gracefully – without losing respect or friendship. Refusal Skills 101 Find your own way to say that you choose not to do it.
Refusal Skills 101 Be willing to discuss why you feel that way. Refusal Skills 101 Be willing to listen to a different point of view Refusal Skills 101 Make it clear that if your friend does it, you don’t hold it against him or her. Refusal Skills 101 Use your sense of humor. Let's watch, make sure you have your handout (“That’s not my thing … I’m not into that … I don’t smoke, thanks … I’m just not OK with it … I would just feel weird.”) (“A lot of bad things can happen …. I can’t afford to mess up … it is illegal and I don’t want to get hassled … that’s not how I want
to spend my money … I don’t put bad things into my body … We’ll both get in trouble if we get caught.”) (“I hear what you’re saying … I can respect how you feel ...”) (“You decide for yourself; I just don’t want to do it … I just don’t think it’s right, but if you do, that’s your call.”) (“It would make me too crazy, and I’m crazy enough already without it...
If I got high I would be stuck at the lowest level of Nintendo ”) Refusal Skills 101 Say NO, clearly and directly (No, thanks)
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