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2010 Chile Earthquake

No description

Alex Avila

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of 2010 Chile Earthquake

2010 Chile Earthquake
February 27, 2010
Long/Short Term Effects
Long Term:
Lots of rebuilding (ongoing)
Damaged the tourism industry
May have increased the chance of another EQ
Altered coast line
Short Term:
Food Scarcity: Rise in food costs
Flour and Beer
Close down of ariports and coastal ports
Looting and Prison Breaks
Chile's Location
Nazca Plate is subducting under the South American Plate
(about 3 in/yr)
Convergent Boundary, Thrust Fault
At approximately 3:34 AM, Magnitude 8.8 earthquake struck.
(sixth largest earthquake to be recorded by a seismograph).
The Earthquake is said to have lasted about 3 minutes.
525 casualties, 25 Missing
(Reported by January 2011)
$30 Billion in damage
(Warnings throughout the Pacific Ocean: 53 countries)
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