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Sir Francis Drake

No description

Pui Yin Yick

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake Francis Drake was appointed by the queen a few times to go on these voyages Francis Drake had always aspired to sail when he was younger Francis Drake wanted to make an expedition against Spain which was rising in power. For this it was crucial to explore, to find what land could be taken for England. WHY? Francis Drake wanted to become wealthy Nationality:

Seaman, Pirate, Politician, Engineer and Explorer.

1540 in Tavinstock,

He was the son of a farmer and a preacher. He had 12 younger siblings and was a distant relative of another explorer known as Sir Walter Raleigh. GENERAL PROBLEM SOLUTION While going on a slave trading expedition, he was confronted by the Spanish. They had killed many of his men when they attacked and he wanted revenge. On one of his expeditions, Francis had made his way to the East Indies of Spice Islands. There they loaded six tons of cloves onto the ship. However, the ship got stuck on a reef. He fulfilled this when he invaded Nombre de Dios in Panama and brought back plenty of Spanish loot. To free their ship from the reef, they had to throw half of what they collected into the ocean. DISCOVERIES Sir Francis Drake discovered that Tierra Del Fuego was not a part of the Southern Continent as they had thought, but actually only a cluster of islands. So if the American Continent was not actually connected to the Southern Continent, that meant the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans would have to meet at Cape Horn. This meant there would be a way to sail around the bottom of South America. (This was ultimately discovered as the Cape Horn route in 1616 thought it was not by Francis Drake) The Cape Horn Route Francis Drake had discovered and named New Albion (or Nova Albion), which he had claimed for England. It is unsure how far it reached or exactly where it was, but it is thought to be on the shore of Northern California. EFFECTS Long-Term Short-Term -Sir Francis Drake had started a war with the Spanish and a rivalry between the two countries is still standing.

-Sir Francis Drake had claimed New Albion for England.

-Sir Francis Drake's voyages helped people get a better view on the world. -Many people were inspired by Drake's famous voyages, and more people started to explore. However, the effect has wore off over the years.

-Sir Francis Drake had killed off a number of the Spanish population in wars and fights. What one of Sir Francis Drake's ships is thought to have looked like A map of Sir Francis Drake's Circumnavigation around the world IMPORTANCE -The people of that time would not have known that much about the world, and might have had more trouble getting around at that time. Sir Francis Drake's discoveries made more trading and traveling routes available, making their journeys faster and more efficient.

-Sir Francis Drake's addition of land (New Albion) to England meant they had more resources and land to rule. This meant it would make England slightly stronger.

-All in all, Sir Francis Drake's discoveries had some impact on the world, but he was not as important as some other explorers. Genuis Always
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