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Human Sex Trafficking in Algeria

No description

blerina pushkule

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Human Sex Trafficking in Algeria

Human Sex Trafficking in Algeria
Algeria, Tier 3 country
Algeria is known to be a tier 3 country which is one of the worst of all tiers, sadly.
For those of you who don't know, a tier 3 country is a country whose government doesn't fully comply with the minimum standards & aren't making any significant efforts to do so. (referring to sex trafficking)
which basically means that the government knows about the trafficking going on but, they don't intend to stop it.
Groups believe that as Europe tightens its border controls, Algeria is becoming more of a destination for both undocumented migration and trafficking.
Women in Algeria
According to a census taken in 2003, only 70 percent of the population in Algeria was literate.
Even though it fell far below international standards, it wasn't bad compared to some other african countries.
Even though the schooling was free, still not many showed; especially those in rural areas.
And it was said that more males are literate than females with a 20% difference.
Algeria, the country its self
By Blerina
Algeria is located in Northwestern Africa, & also the largest country in the continent.
85% of the country is the Sahara dessert.
The capital, similar to it's name, is Algiers.
Last recorded in 2012, Algeria's population is 38.48 million.
The main religion in Algeria is Islam.
Unfortunately, the women being trafficked in Algeria don't have the rights to a decision about being trafficked. They're all forced into prostitution.
Algerian girls are trafficked to Israel, Italy and other Western countries where they are sometimes forced into prostitution and early marriage.
If you were wondering about the men on the other hand, they aren't being sex trafficked. They are still being trafficked though but, for labor.
Education in Algeria
Because of the lack of education of the women in Algeria they weren't smart enough to think of clever ways to try & escape.
So, no they're chances for having a way out was one in a million.
The reason why so much trafficking goes on in Algeria is mainly because of its location, since it is right by the Mediterranean & the tons of different surrounding countries.
Also, Algeria was known to be a crossroad between Northern Africa and Europe, and because of its neighboring countries its been used as a main trafficking route.
Here is an overall view of
how sex trafficking is all
over the world >>
The sights I used
The average age a girl is first sold for sex in the U.Sis 12 to 14 years old.
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