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Skin & Body Membranes

No description

Joel Hutson

on 29 September 2016

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Transcript of Skin & Body Membranes

Skin &

by Joel David Hutson
College of Lake County
Learning Objections
& Outcomes

D. List the four basic tissues of the human body & describe their basic structures & functions.
E. Describe the various organ systems within the human body & explain their basic functions.
F. Identify the major structural components of the integumentary system (including the three basic layers of the skin) & describe their functions.
i. your skin is your first line of defense against
pathogens, parasites & the external environment
ii. your body's membranes help
physically separate your tissues, organs, organ systems & therefore their functions
iii. your body membranes, especially your epithelial membranes, are essential for performing various acts of diffusion:
absorption, filtration, secretion.
/hair conditioner
symbiosis (with "good bacteria,
or "flora & fauna")
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