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on 28 March 2017

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Visit us at: www.kiwmrg.ie
Pioneering Irish Research Maps Mediator Behaviors, Skills & Competencies
Exploring the Competencies, Skills and Behaviors of Effective Workplace Mediators

The most intense conflict, if overcome, leaves behind a sense of security and calm that is not easily disturbed.

Carl Jung (1960)
The Kennedy Institute Workplace Mediation Research Group
Shaping the Agenda Part 1
1. Importance of Context

2. Mediator Styles

3. Skills, Knowledge & Behaviours

4. Outcomes

5. Qualifications
The Research Team
Entitled '
Shaping the Agenda, Part 1 and Part 2
' the reports chart key themes from the literature and implications for mediation research & practice

Monday, March 24, 2017
Vol 2, No. 1
Greetings From Ireland
Balancing Confidentiality & Transparency
Current Project
Good afternoon everyone and greetings from Ireland. We are really sorry that we cannot be with you in person(s) but we hope this presentation will bring you up-to-date on the work we are doing as the Kennedy Institute Workplace Mediation Research Group (KIWMRG).

Here is an overview of what we plan to cover this afternoon:
Who are we?
What do we do & why?
How do we operate as a Research Group?
What were the outputs of our most recent research project?
What projects are we currently working on?

From a lighthouse on the most Westerly point of the Irish Coast we send you our good wishes for a wonderful 2017 Conference.

The KIWMRG is currently working on a project funded by a State Ombudsman Service.

In recent years this Service moved from using adjudication to resolve disputes to using mediation as the default process.

As a publicly funded Agency, this body has to abide by reporting regulations in the interest o transparency.

The Service is grappling to resolve the tension between its transparency obligations and maintaining the confidentiality of mediation.

The KIWMRG has been engaged to help resolve this tension by drawing on both the international literature and international best practice in organisations with a similar function.

The intention is that the research project will inform strategy, policy and practice in this ombudsman service and that the project findings will be transferable to other organizations using mediation as a dispute resolution process.
Implications for Workplace Mediation Training, Standards and Practice in Ireland

Shaping the Agenda Part 2
1. Implications for Training & Standards

2. Implications for Practice

3. Implications for Research

4. Conclusions
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