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Etiquette in the Workplace and Telephone Etiquette

No description

Nuraisha S

on 2 July 2013

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Transcript of Etiquette in the Workplace and Telephone Etiquette

Etiquette in the Workplace
Telephone Etiquette
Workplace Etiquette
Importance of workplace etiquette
Professional image
Commands respect
Portrays confidence
Proper work relationships
Meeting Manners
During the Meeting
Interrupt others
Doze off
At the end of the Meeting
Ensure everyone gets a copy of meetings' schedule
Decide on topic and set a date for next meeting

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Answering calls
Always give the caller your full attention
Say "Hello", give your company, department and name
Speak slowly and clearly
Always thank the person for their time
Telephone Etiquette
General Tips
Don't eat
Smile and sit up straight
Plan before you call and take notes
Answer and end the call as quickly as possible
Always be polite
Making calls
Exercise good speech habits and proper techniques
Call at appropriate times
Identify yourself
State purpose
Conduct in workplace
At your work desk...
Be neat
Don't interrupt people on the phone
Limit personal calls
Keep lunch in the kitchen
Communication in the workplace
Body Language
Don't gossip
5 things to remember
Be punctual
Be alert
Learn names
Treat everyone equally
Respect others' space
Avoid talking about personal life
Dress Sensibly and Smart
Shake hands
Be early and prepared
Be clear and concise
Respect and listen
Explain abbreviations
Be patient
Dos & Don'ts
Ask permission before placing people on hold
Do not be distracted
No interruptions
When leaving messages, make it brief and direct
Comparison of workplace etiquette
Chia Hui Xian(2)
Hou Ying Yu(6)
Hsieh Pei Yun(7)
Ryan Lim Kai Jie(10)
Siti Nuraisha Bte Safri(11)

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As we can see from the video, there are changes in terms of:
How does current workplace etiquette
affect Singapore?
With better workplace etiquette,
Improve reputation
Increase productivity
More investments from other countries
Economic development and success
Higher standard of living
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