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Copy of key influences on personal learning processes of individuals.

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Jazzmine Gillham -ward

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of key influences on personal learning processes of individuals.

Key Influences
Family is a very important influence during the learning process of individuals.
The view your parents have towards education wil influence how hard you work and how important education is to you. As your growing up you learn many things from your parents such as norms and values. If your parents dont think education is important and don't have jobs then you may think the same. Your own learning environment is also very important during learning. If you live in a noisy, untidy environment this might make it very hard to
concetrate which will effect the quality of the work you prooduce.
The friends you make at school will majorly influence how well you learn
and how willing you are to learn. If your group of friends study hard, listen in class
and aquire good grades from doing so, you are very likely to do the same things.
Where as if your group of peers produce untidy work, are rebelious against school,
staff and other pupils and form subcultures with other pupils of the same nature
then you will follow in their footsteps.
Your schools environment and its teachers can influence your learning processes in
a big way. Classrooms need to be organised, tidy and bright to give pupils inspiration
and energy for the lesson. Teachers should give encouragement and stability to the pupil
and the pupil should also be able to trust them. They should also keep a good balance
between kindness and critisism to ensure that the pupil knows the differences between
the acceptable and non-acceptable things to do.
We are influenced by the media from a very young age. When we are
babies and toddlers we watch basic learning programmes on CBeebies nd CBBC.
However certain programmes have a negative affect on the child as they may not
know the difference between fantasy violence and real violence which could lead
them to be distructive or confused. Through the media we can learn from events
even if we are not a part of them and construct our own opinions and beliefs
about world affairs. We can even learn new skills and gain knowledge from
programmes and documentries e.g cooking programmes.
Religion can be a very important aspect of some peoples lives. It can shape who they grow up
to be and effect their beliefs, values and choices in life. Depending on the persons religion and
whether they learn and follow the regulations set out by it, a persons opportunities in life may be
effected. If the religion sets out strict rules and has certain things a person must do each day if they
are commited, then they may not be suitable for certain jobs or be able to join in with some
activities. This might effect the learning processes the person carries out during day to day
life but also the person may learn a great deal from the religion and about themselves and what
type of person they are.
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