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Intrapersonal Communication: Sources of Behavior

Values, Beliefs, Attitudes, and Feelings; Self Concept and Disclosure

Robyn Madson

on 11 April 2017

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Transcript of Intrapersonal Communication: Sources of Behavior

Sources of Behavior
* What you do, how you act.
Why does behavior matter?
Until people figure out how to read minds, behavior is the only way anyone knows anything about you.
What Are Values?
Value Activity
Rank the following, one being most valuable, 10 being least:
Fun and relaxation
Physical belongings
Relatively permanent ideas of what is good or bad, worthwhile or not worthwhile.
Examples include family, freedom, money, love, etc.
What you think is true or false.
Beliefs are not always based on facts or logic
Examples include: Everyone should vote. The world is a fair (or unfair) place. Everyone has the right to eat peppermint ice cream all the time.
What Are Beliefs?
Beliefs Activity
Answer the following questions to the best of your ability:
Is the world fair or unfair?
What is the key to happiness?
Do brand name clothes have better quality?
Is your school doing well at educating you?
Can you usually trust strangers?
Are urban areas (cities) safe?
Do men and women think differently?
Which ice cream is the best?
Emotional responses
Examples include anger, excitement, confusion, etc.
Specific applications of values in context
A tendency to respond in a particluar way to different situations
For example, if you valued fun and relaxation over school achievement, you might have a bad attitude when your parents ask you to do homework.
What Are Feelings?
What Are Attitudes?
Self Concept
Info From Yourself
Info From Others
Self Disclosure
Public Information
What color is your hair?
What is your favorite color?
Public/Private Information
What do you do for a living?
How are you feeling?
What political party do you belong to?
Are you dating someone?
Private Information
social security number
health issues
Johari Window
Known to Self
Not Known to Self
Known to Others
Not Known to Others
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