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TBUS 310 Facebook

No description

Riley Kuranishi

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of TBUS 310 Facebook

0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Resume of John Doe University of Washington
GPA : 4.0
Major: Business

Job experience:
Starbucks Coffee 2012-Present
-Give spectacular customer service
-Bring happiness to customers Are You Being Viewed by
Employers? Courtney Bakken
Jennifer Dowd
Maelonni Howard
Jason Krueger
Riley Kuranishi
Robert Saylor What Employers Look For On Facebook Communication Skills

Qualifications Confirmed

Inappropriate pictures and posts Your Privacy Settings Can't Protect You Employers can still access your page

Force Friending

Shoulder Surfing

Third party background check

Requesting password How Employers Analyze Your Profile The Big Five Personality Traits 1. Extraversion

2. Agreeableness

3. Conscientiousness

4. Openness

5. Neuroticism Why Do The Big Five Traits Matter? Professions have certain character traits associated with them and potential employers are going to use these traits to categorize applicants for the proper fit into the organization. Issues With Screening Candidates Expectations Of Privacy On A Public Domain What Are Your Rights? Can Employers Request Your Password? Discrimination Against Protected Classes Third Party Screening Facebook screening challenges the traditional legal framework that protects applicants

Password protection laws

Anti-discrimination laws are undermined

Third party screening provides applicants more rights than internal screening The Password Protection Act of 2012 was rejected by Congress

California, Illinois, Delaware, Michigan, New Jersey, and Maryland have made it unlawful for employers to ask for your password

26 states are considering similar bills Title VII and the American with Disabilities Act make it illegal to discriminate on the basis of protected class status

Protected classes include Disability, Religion, Family Status, Sex, National Origin, and Race

Employers can discreetly find this information on your profile Some employers are turning to third party screening for liability reasons
-References to protected classes can be removed

Must comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act

More regulation than internal screening Your Rights Under The FCRA Applicant must consent to background check

Applicant must be informed of any report findings used to deny job

Applicant must be given opportunity to dispute inaccurate findings Issues With Screening Candidates Can users expect privacy on a public domain? Quality of relevant information on Facebook

Relationship between the employer and potential employee

Ability to assess everyone equally Put Your Best Facebook Forward Be selective about the friends you have on Facebook

Untag yourself from any inappropriate photos

Adjust privacy settings to limit who can see photos you post Put Your Best Facebook Forward Showcase work history and accomplishments

Use industrial terms to describe skills, specialties, and positions of interest

Avoid any inconsistencies between your Facebook, resume, and any other social networking accounts

Update your profile on a regular basis Summary Final Thoughts How Are YOU Presenting Yourself? Data that Diminishes Job Opportunities Inappropriate pictures and posts

53% of hiring managers have found inappropriate content that caused them not to hire a candidate Data that Enhances Applicant's Resumes Communication Skills

Qualifications Confirmed

Aligned Values Personality traits and behaviors observed on Facebook can be important indicators of compatibility with employees and the companies organizational culture

Not a team player

Gossip Queen

Antisocial *Marketing Promotional Specialist Why do you want to look at my Facebook profile? Personality: the five big traits

Proper personality for the job

Fit with organizational culture

Performance predictions Agenda 1. How employers access your Facebook

2. What employers look for

3. Why employers use the Big Five?

4. Issues with screening Facebook

5. Your rights

6. How to make your Facebook more
appealing Data that Diminishes Job Opportunities Privacy settings can't protect you
Employers are looking at your Facebook
-Communication, Qualifications, Pictures/Posts
Employers will analyze your big 5 traits
-Extraversion, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, Agreeableness, and Openness
There are issues with screening via Facebook
-Quality of relevant information and abilitiy to equally assess applicants
You have several rights
-Password laws
-Discrimination laws
-Fair Credit Reporting Act
You can protect your privacy “Privacy. . . is the right to be left alone . . . but if you open your doors and windows, you no longer have a reasonable expectation that you will be left alone” So in a way, no.... Not being on Facebook might be the biggest mistake Raises suspicion that you are hiding something or are behind the times Fair or not, assumptions are being made about you
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