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Main Characters of Tuck Everlasting

No description

meigan mullin

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of Main Characters of Tuck Everlasting

Main Characters of Tuck Everlasting Mae Tuck Winnie Foster Jesse Tuck is Mae and Angus Tuck's youngest son. Jesse is the younger brother of Miles Tuck. He has wavy brown hair, greenish-blue eyes, and wears a white shirt with brown pants. In the book Jesse stays seventeen, but is actually 104 years old. Jesse is a young, enthusiastic, and cheerful person. Jesse is mostly always happy, and looks on the positive side of everything mostly. Jesse Tuck Miles Tuck is Mae and Angus Tuck's oldest son. Miles is also Jesse' older brother. Miles is a carpenter, and uses his skills to help free Mae. Miles has chestnut-brown hair, whiskers, basil coloured eyes. Miles has had a few jobs, such as a blacksmith and a carpenter. Miles is calm type of person who is responsible. Miles Tuck
In the book it doesn't say what this man's name is, but he is referred to as The Man in the Yellow Suit. He is very smart, but at the same time very evil he is also very sneaky. In the book he pretends to be nice and wants to talk to Winnie's father about something. After Winnie decides to live with the Tuck's, the Man in the Yellow Suit comes to take Winnie back to her family. In exchange of the forest and the magic water he wants to sell for a fortune. The Man in the Yellow Suit has a bald spot on the top of his head, and has longish-brown hair on each side of his head. he also has a small beard with a mustache that covers over top of his mouth, and underneath his nostrils. He wears a yellow suit. The Man in the Yellow Suit is the character is the story who is hit the the back of the head with Mae's shotgun, and dies. Man in the Yellow Suit Angus Tuck is Mae Tucks husband. He dreams alot about everyone living in heaven and never having heard of Treegap. Angus's personality is that he worries alot. Angus Tuck has chestnut-golden hair, brown eyes, a mustache, and whiskers. Angus Tuck is also the father of Jesse and Miles Tuck. Angus Tuck Mae Tuck is an athletic person because she rides her horse almost everyday. She is also very enthusiastic and caring. Mae has brownish-gray hair and wears a rusty brown skirt. Mae is the character that hits the Man in the Yellow Suit in the back of the head with a shotgun, and is taken to jail. She is told that is the Man in the Yellow Suit dies, she will be taken to the gallows (she would be hung.) Mae Tuck also has a horse. Mae is the husband to Angus Tuck, and is the mother to Jesse and Miles Tuck. Winnie Foster is the daughter of Mr.and Mrs. Foster. She does not like her home because her Mom and Grandmother won’t let her go beyond her backyard fence. She feels cooped up and thinks about running away. Winnie has long, brown, wavy hair, blue eyes, and wears a white dress with white stockings. Winnie is an only child. She has a toad friend who she meets with everyday. In the book Winnie is ten years old, but in the movie she looks 15 or 16. BY: MEIGAN
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