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ICT's in the Classroom

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Renae Little

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of ICT's in the Classroom

ICT's in the Classroom
Reason One: Ease of Access
ICT's make it possible for your student to
access important geographic information
at anytime of day, allowing
you to be involved
in their learning out of school.
Philippe Dobbler's Study
Philippe Dobbler stated that access to ICT's (internet connection, in this case) would ensure course content could be completed anywhere at anytime.

Benefits of this would be that:
Students are able to
work at their own pace.
Learning is
with the home and school environment.
Students can create their own timetable at home.

Elmlea Junior School
The students at Elmlea Junior School actively participate in ICT's when doing Geography homework. An example of this is where students log into their school blog to find the task they need to complete at home. In this example students use google maps to locate an area and then ask their parents for their opinion on their findings. Parents, like yourself, are involved in their children's learning.
Reason Two: Fun and Exciting
ICT's engage students in the Geography classroom through fun and exciting lessons that teach your child life skills.
ICT in Geography = FUN!
ICT's can be used in the geography classroom to enhance your child's learning though activities that are
. An article on the Teaching Times website says that the use of ICT's in the classroom supports the delivery of geography in a way that makes it
highly engaging
. This can be done through the use of
interactive activities
designed to help your child
whilst having
Cannock Chase Year 4
Year 4 children from Cannock Chase used Google Earth to investigate settlements . They had taken digital photographs of the area around their school and studied the local street maps. They then compared them with aerial photographs online. They later used what they had learnt about village features to construct their own map of a village using interactive whiteboard mapping symbols. The students found this activity super fun!
Reason Three: Your Child's Success
ICT's can be tailored to your student's
strengths and weaknesses
, allowing them to have the best chance at
in the geography classroom.
You might be thinking, why use ICT's in your year four child's Geography class?

Photo: http://stevton.com/blog/thinking/

Photo: http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photos-boy-thinking-image2708693

Photo: http://blogthechurch.wordpress.com/2012/02/22/what-im-thinking/
Personalized Learning
St Saviour's Primary
At the beginning of the year, the school introduced interactive whiteboards and notebook computers into classrooms. This ICT enriched environment allowed for personalized learning for each student, where students can work individually or in groups to meet individual goals to what is being taught in the classroom.
For more information: http://visir-network.eu/innovations/asynchronous-learning-using-ict-3g-keys/
For more information: http://elmleajunior.blogspot.com.au/2013/06/year-3-and-4-ict-and-geography-tasks.html
For more information: http://www.teachingtimes.com/kb/40/ict-in-geography.htm
The use of technology in education plays a vital role by enabling
flexible learning
strategies and assisting the students in the geography classroom with disabilities to
participate as equals
in the classroom.
For more information: http://www.unesco.org/new/fileadmin/MULTIMEDIA/HQ/CI/CI/pdf/accessible_ict_personalized_learning_2012%20.pdf
Do you remember when you were in school and you did everything by wrote? Lessons were boring. You hated school. That was then, this is now!
We live in a time where technology is readily available, where our children are going to work in a world of technology and without being taught how to use technology, they WILL BE LEFT BEHIND!
Our year four geography class is changing the way we learn, in the same motion as the world, and are incorporating technology (ICT's) into our lessons.
For more information: http://tinyurl.com/puepgrj
Hopefully now you can understand why it is important to use ICT's in our Year 4 Geography Classroom.
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