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Interactive Whiteboards

No description

Austin Dvorak

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive Whiteboards Types of Interactive Whiteboards Touch-Based Whiteboards
Pen-Based Whiteboards
Portable Ultrasonic Whiteboards Q.) What is an Interactive Whiteboard? An Interactive Whiteboard is a digital device consisting of a large display that is connected to a computer and a projector.
Serves as a platform for different software, and allows users to interact with the display. Why is this relevant to you? Interactive Whiteboards are used in a variety of settings including:
Classrooms at all levels (Pre-K/Elementary - College)
Corporate board rooms and work groups
Training rooms for professional sports coaching
Broadcasting Studios Touch-Based Whiteboards Allow user to send signals from the whiteboard to the computer through touch. (hand, finger or stylus)
A membrane on the surface of the board registers the touch and then sends it back to the computer. (Similar to a computer mouse)
Manufactured by S.M.A.R.T. Technologies & Touch I.T. Technologies
Advantages Include:
Stylus not required
Available in a variety of sizes
Disadvantages Include:
Expensive Pen-Based Whiteboards Uses electromagnetic technology that interacts with a specially designed stylus to send signals from the whiteboard to the computer
Pen-based devices will not respond to a finger or hand, but only will work with the specific stylus
Can be created using a Wii remote
Advantages Include:
Added precision provided by the stylus
Somewhat portable
Disadvantages Include:
Cost of the electronic stylus
If the stylus is lost, the device is NOT able to function until a new stylus is purchased Portable Ultrasonic Whiteboards Consists of a bar that is secured to an existing non-digital whiteboard or an older interactive whiteboard system.
The portable bar projects the image from the computer onto the whiteboard screen, creating an interactive surface.
Manufactured by Mimio, Quartet, and Hitachi
Advantages Include:
Most affordable interactive whiteboard on the market
Minimal installation required
Disadvantages Include:
Some require a Stylus Great tool for demonstration
Accommodating to different learning styles (Ex. Aural, Visual, Kinesthetic etc...)
All ages respond favorably to board use
Distance learning
Limited computer classrooms can maximize technology (Only one computer needed)
Popular with students that have limited motor skills
INTERACTIVE - Users contribute directly by input both at computer and at the board
Great resource for meetings and presentations
Exciting to use in a classroom setting Why use an interactive whiteboard? Statistics Interactive whiteboards have been steadily gaining international popularity for the past ten years
A study by the "British Educational Suppliers Association" reported that in 2004, 26% of primary schools in the United Kingdom had an interactive whiteboard of some kind.
This was up 5% from 2003
73% of primary schools in the United Kingdom have at least one interactive whiteboard in the school Interactive Whiteboards - Pros & Cons CONS:
Student motivation can wear off
Interactive whiteboards tend to be PC friendly, and not MAC friendly
Creates a classroom that is totally dependent on technology (Breakdowns?)
Some teachers feel interactive whiteboards distract students Interactive Whiteboard Pricing Interactive Whiteboards - Pros & Cons PROS:
Provides positive student interaction
Teachers are able to clearly demonstrate concepts
Students learn about technology
Students gain access to educational games on a large scale
Suitable for all age levels
Accommodates special needs students
Flexible for use in most or all content areas Pricing depends on the model purchased
Educational discounts are available
Touch-Based Interactive Whiteboards
S.M.A.R.T. boards
$2,000 - $5,000
Promethean boards
$1,000 - $5,000
Pen-Based Interactive whiteboards
USB boards (Stylus Included)
$900 - $4,000
Portable Ultrasonic Whiteboards
Mimio boards
$400 - $2,000
Hitachi boards
$400 - $2,000
Distributors located in Lincoln and Omaha Touch-Based Interactive Whiteboard Diagram Portable Ultrasonic Interactive Whiteboard Diagram Pen-Based Interactive Whiteboard Diagram Statistics cont... One United States company reported 557,000 interactive whiteboards were shipped in 2008, a huge increase from 2007
Now there are over two million interactive whiteboards installed worldwide
Whiteboard companies foresee one out of every five classrooms will have an interactive whiteboard by the end of 2013 Application to the 5 Realms Personal Needs:
Does this address the needs of the student?

Social Needs:
Will students be able to adjust to the high social standards expected in our highly technological world?

Attitudes and Beliefs:
Will technology aid my students in the journey to self-discovery? Politics:
Will this help to reinforce state and national educational standards?

Is this a realistic goal for school budgets
(large and small) Correlation to Music Education Different types of software exist to connect interactive whiteboards to classroom content.
"Breezin' Thru Theory"
Music education software
Teaches basic concepts like music theory, composition, aural skill, reading and notation.
26 Chapters of course content
Mad-dash drills
Interactive games
Online playable piano In Conclusion Interactive whiteboards are a positive long-term investments for school systems and teachers
Benefits include:
Advances in Special Education
Lesson for students with limited motor skills
Unlimited resources core classroom content
Increases student participation
Improve lectures
Promotes lifelong learning Jamie Goc & Austin Dvorak Works Cited
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