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Summer Success Math

intro to summer success math program

Ana Reyes

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Summer Success Math

SUMMER SUCCESS MATH Research Based Summer Intervention Program
Pre Test for placement
Post Test to measure growth
Daily and weekly lesson plans PRETEST
TE pg. 1, SRB pg. 1
Provides baseline data
MUST be given on first day
turn in to Ana for grading
Last year we skipped around in the TE, feedback was this wasn't effective..... DAILY SCHEDULE
Number Names Instruction (30-40 min)
Written Practice with Review (20-25 min)
Active Practice with Games (20-25 min)
Focus with Data Study (20-30 min) NUMBER NAMES INSTRUCTION
Daily instruction in 5 different strands
Patterns and Algebra
Post Recording Pad and Labels where students can see them and sit close (Ana will make these for you, if you leave TE with me)
Answers to questions are collectively agreed upon and displayed
Display all Recording Pad pages for entire week WRITTEN PRACTICE AND REVIEW
Practice pages in SRB reinforce topics covered in Number Names
Students work independently on first sections
Includes review sections which may be assigned as homework
Glossary to Go asks students to enter a vocabulary term each day
Appropriate time to pull small groups and reteach Number Names concepts using Great Source Math Handbook or Math on Call ACTIVE PRACTICE WITH GAMES
Active, hands on verbal and auditory experiences with number fasts, computation, mental-math and problem solving
Two games each week
Day 1 Instruction Day- review concept, model full game
Day 2 Play Game- games played in pairs while teacher observes
Fridays students replay previous games or play variations FOCUS WITH DATA STUDY
Weekly 2 day focus on various facets of data collection
Day 1- pairs or small groups create graphs for data provided
Day 2- students graph related data or show same data in a different graph form
3 days of Problem Solving Challenges
intro first problem of the day, provide a few hints, solve problem together
students work on second prob. independently
discuss whole class what strategies were successful Post test will be given on the last day of school
Turn in post test to Ana or Joanne before leaving
I will create graphs of student progress to send out to you so you can see student growth
Begin Day 1 after giving pre-test...do whatever you can get through.
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