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No description

Carter Linttell

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of LA

BY CARTER LINTTELL JAMES AND THE GIANT PEACH "Then, one day, Jame's mother and father went to London to do some shopping, and then a terrible thing happened. Both of them got eaten up (in full daylight, mind you, and on a crowded street) by an enormous angry rhinoceros which had escaped from the London Zoo." "They lived-Aunt Sponge, Aunt Spiker, and now James as well- in a queer ramshackle house on the top of a high hill in the south of England." "Poor James was still slaving away at the chopping block. The heat was terrible. He was sweating all over. His arm was aching. The chopper was a large blunt thing too heavy for a small boy to use. And as he worked, James began thinking about all the other children in the world and what they might be doing at this moment. Some would be riding tricycles in their gardens. Some would be walking in cool woods and picking bunches of wild flowers. And all the little friends whom he used to know would be down by the seaside, playing in the wet sand and splashing around in the water..." Pg.1 Pg.2 Pg.8 This passage shows how James just wants to be a regular boy. Instead he is forced to work hard at the chopping block. It shows he is a hard worker because he doesn't stop he just keeps continuing to work. James just wants to be with his old friends playing by the seaside and not with his aunties. Thoughts and Feelings Direct Description Direct Description "Their names were Aunt Sponge and aunt Spiker, and I am sorry to say that they were both really horrible people." Pg.2 Thoughts and Feelings This passage shows how much James dislikes his Aunties. It shows also he has a little bit of class because he says "I am sorry to say that they are both really horrible." He does not just trash them but he says what he thinks as polity as he could. "How fascinating this all is!" cried James. "And to think that up until now I had never even wondered how a grasshopper made his sounds." Pg.87 Characters Words This passage shows how James is so fascinated by such a small thing. To me I think that he was so focused on working hard that he had never had the chance to think about what other children wondered about. "There is no shortage of seagulls," James answered. "Look for yourself. We'll probably need four hundred, five hundred, six hundred... maybe even a thousand... I don't know...I shall simpaly go hooking them up to the stem until we have enough to lift us. It's like balloons. You give someone enough balloons to hold, I mean really enough, then up he goes. And a seagull has far more lifting power than a balloon. If only we have the time to do it. If only w are not sunk first by those awful sharks..." Pg.70-71 Characters Words This passage shows that James is a very outgoing and determined kid. The way he explains himself shows he knows what he's talking about and what he is trying to accomplish. "That's very kind of you," said James "but I think I'll be alright." Pg.44 Characters Words This passage shows how James is a polite boy with manners. It brings out a happier side of James. "Stop that immediately and get on with your work, you nasty little beast!" Aunt Sponge ordered. "Oh, Auntie Sponge!" James cried out. "And Auntie Spiker ! Couldnt we all-please-just for once- go down to the seaside on the bus? It isn't very far-and I feel so hot and awfully lonely..." Pg.8 Characters Reactions This passage shows that James just is tired and put up with working all day. He wants to just go down to the seaside and play. James shows a lot of courage here because he will get a beating if either of the Aunties get mad at him, which they will for saying something like that. "I don't believe it!" shouted the centipede, raising his voice. " Ssshh!" the others whispered. And James said softly "For heaven's sake, Centipede don't make so much noise. Pg.102-103 Character Reactions This passage shows that James is a calm boy who knows how to help people if there struggling or frustrated. Thanks for Reading
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