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Jack and Kara

No description

Selene Weightman

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Jack and Kara

White Blood Cell
The White Blood Cell
There are different types of white blood cells. Neutrophils are like pac-man, they eat bacteria. Eosinophils kill parasites and have something to do
Function (con't)
allergic reactions. Basophils also function in allergic reactions. They release histamines which atract other white blood cells. Lypnocytes direct the body's amune system. Monocytes enter the tissue and turn into Macrophages which ingest bacteria.
The white blood cell is very important to the immune system. the immune system is what keeps you fr om getting sick.There are five maine types of white blood cells.The neutrophils, eosphils, basophils, bands, monocytes, and lyphocytes. The white blood cell has no hemoglobin nor nuculi.

Stucture continued
...White blood cells are able to leave the blood vessels to migrate to body tissues. White blood cells are round and larger than a blood cell.
There are many types of white blood cells. the neutrophils are one of the bodies' main defences against bactiria. They kill bactiria by ingesting them.
Structure+Function 2
Thank You!
... Basophils also hve a role in allergic reactions and they relaese hestimine. (causes blood vessels to leak and attract more white blood cells) Lyphocytes direct th bodies' immune system. Last, the monocytes, they enter the tissue where they become larger and become macrophages, and can also ingest bactiria.
Thanks for watching Jack and Kara's prezi on white blood cells.
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