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How to Use Prezi

Learn all you need to know to create a great prezi using this step by step tutorial on how to use prezi

KC Ilarde

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of How to Use Prezi

How to Use PREZI PREZI Tutorial http://www.prezi.com Copyright © 2013 -- KC Ilarde -- Open your favorite web browser. Click on “Go to App”. Click on “Log In”. Enter you password. Enter your Email. Log in to your
Facebook account. Choose to sign up using your email or Facebook account. Let’s sign up using Facebook. Type in www.prezi.com. Congrats! You now have a PREZI account. To start, click on “New prezi”. Choose you templates here. Let’s start on a
blank template. Click on “Choose”. This is the Prezi editor. This is the Prezi canvas. Another way to rescale objects in PREZI is to... Use this tool to resize and move objects within the prezi canvas. And drag to adjust the
width of the object. Click hold on it... This appears. And drag to rotate the object. Until a semi-circle
arrow appears. Again, hover mouse
to the node... Click hold on the node ... A diagonal arrow appears. Hover the mouse on a node of the transformation tool. Clicking the “-” button
makes the scale smaller. Clicking the “+” button makes the object’s scale bigger. Click hold on the hand button ... The transformation
tool appears. Click on the circle. Hover your mouse on the side of the transformation tool. Click hold on the node. And drag to rescale
the object. And drag to move the object. Hover your mouse on the top side of the tool. Click hold and drag to adjust the height of the object. You can also insert videos from your computer. You can also insert images from your computer. Click on “Open”. Click on “Crop Image”. Click on “Image…”. Right click on the mouse. To go back to the text editor. Click on the box icon. Great! We are done
with our first frame. Click on “From File…”. Use the transformation tool to resize and move your video. Click on “Insert”. Paste the URL. Go back to Prezi. Locate the video in YouTube. This appears. Click on “YouTube video...” To insert a video,
click on “Insert”. Click on the shapes you need. This appears. To insert shapes, click on “Insert”. Click on “Select files…”. Click on “Image…”. Resize and move your image using the transformation tool. Click on the image. Click hold and drag on the edges to crop the image. Choose one by clicking on it. Your Google image search results appears. Click on “Search only for image licensed...” Type in your search word. You can insert images via Google image search. This appears. You now have a link in your prezi canvas. Click anywhere outside the text editor to save. Click on “Paste”. Go back to the text editor. Click on “Copy”. Select the URL of the video. Open the link of the website on your browser. To insert a link, click to
open a text box editor. Type in your text. A new text box appears. To add more text, click anywhere inside the frame. Note that there is an undo button at the
top menu. Click on “Edit Text”... Click on the text. This saves the text . Click anywhere
outside the text editor. And explore other formatting options you can use. Here you can choose the color of your text. Use this set of buttons to format your text. On top is a menu of options to format your text. A text editor pops up. Click to add text. Click on “Open”. Select your file in the computer. Click on “Insert”. You now have the
video on the prezi canvass. Copy the URL of the
YouTube video. Click on “Choose” when done. Click on “Symbols and shapes…”. Locate the image in your computer. Again, click on “Insert”. When done, click anywhere outside the image. Click on “Insert”. Click on the search icon. To insert an image, click on “Insert”. Right click your mouse. This appears. Use the delete button to remove the text box. The transformation
tool appears. Click on the arrow icon… Use these buttons to set the font size of your text. Type in your text. A frame allows you to group contents together. A frame in Prezi is like a slide in Powerpoint. The delete button deletes the frame and it’s contents. The remove frame option deletes the frame only. Or a hidden frame. A rectangle frame,… Here you can change your frame to a bracket frame,... This appears. Click on the circle icon. By default, the shape of the frame is a circle. Use “Zoom to Frame” to edit the contents inside the frame. Use these buttons
to edit the frame. This activates the frame
for editing. Click on the frame. Now this is the frame with contents inside it. Earlier, our frame is a circle that looks like this. Done? Choose and empty spot in your prezi canvas. And draw free hand using highlighter. Prezi adds a thumbnail of the new frame on the sidebar. Release the mouse
to create the frame. And drag to create a circle. Click on “Draw Circle Frame”. These are the types of
frame you can draw. Then click on “Add Frame”. To add a new frame,
click on “Frames & Arrows”. Click on the frame and start adding content. You can also draw arrow and line in your prezi. Click hold on your mouse... Notice the circle near your mouse pointer? You can also draw a frame. Great!
You know now how to create contents and frames. And prezi zooms on that content in the canvas. Click on a thumbnail... You can also navigate using the left sidebar. Use these buttons to zoom in or out of your prezi canvas. To take a step back and see everything on your canvas. Click on the home button... Use the navigation menu to move around the canvas. That is how you use PREZI. Copyright © 2013 -- KC Ilarde -- Release mouse click to save the new path point. To change path,
click hold on a path point. Click on “Edit Path”. To add a new path, hover mouse on the content. Drag the mouse to the
content you want to go. You now see the path points and lines of the presentation. Drag mouse to an
empty area of your canvas. To delete a path, click hold on the path point... And adds a corresponding thumbnail to the sidebar. Notice that prezi assigns a path number to the content… Click on the content to
add it to the path. Notice the “+” sign appears on your mouse pointer.
Another way to delete a path is to… Release mouse click
to delete the path. Try adding more paths
to your prezi. An x mark appears on the thumbnail. Hover your mouse on the thumbnail. Click on it to delete the path corresponding to the thumbnail. You can place all Powerpoint slides on the prezi canvas. You can also insert a slide by double-clicking it. Release your hold on the mouse. Edit your imported slides.
Apply what you learned earlier. Click on “Close import”. Click on the x button
when done importing. Click on “Insert”. Select a layout for your slides. Click on “Insert All…”. Click on the check button to place the slide on the canvas. Hold click the hand tool to
move the slide. Prezi automatically place your slide on the canvas. Double-click on a slide. Let’s try to insert, click on the check button. Use the check button to insert the slide in the prezi canvas. To insert a slide in the canvas,
click hold the mouse on it. Wait for your
Powerpoint to upload. Click on “Open”. Click on your powerpoint file. Click on “Powerpoint…”. Click on the check button to confirm placement. Click on “Add a path between your slides”. Use the cross button to remove the slide in the prezi canvas. Drag mouse to an empty spot
on your canvas. When done, your Powerpoint slides appear here. To import PPT slides to Prezi, click on “Insert”. Here you can select a privacy setting for your prezi. Let’s say we are done editing, click on “Exit”. Click on “Save”. To delete a prezi,
use the trash can button. Click on “Public & reusable”. Copy the code to embed in your blog or website. Click on “Embed”. To get links of your prezi for sharing to other. Click on “Save a copy” to create a duplicate copy of your prezi. Click “Present online”
to start presenting. Look! There are more options you can do with prezi. Add a description to your prezi. Click on “Edit”. Enter the title of the prezi. Click on “Save PDF”. Click on “Download as PDF”. Click on “Share Link”
to post on Facebook. Or use buttons to share via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Copy link to paste to
your post editor. Click on “Share on Facebook…”. To share prezi via social media,
click on “Share”. Share the link to your audience via Email or instant messaging. Click on “Start online presentation”. Paste to email and send to collaborators. Click on “Copy Link”. Read the note below. To invite collaborators, click on “Invite to edit”. Click on the x button to exit the presentation. Click on the forward arrow to proceed to the next path point. Click on “Present” to view the presentation. Prezi saves your work automatically. Click on “Share”... Download a copy of your
prezi to your computer. Click on “Edit prezi” to go back to the prezi canvas. Click on “Done”. Enter a brief
description of your prezi. Click on “Save”. To rename your prezi,
click on “Edit”. To save prezi to PDF,
click on “Share”. Say, click on the Facebook. This appears. This appears. To present Prezi in real time, click on “Share”. This appears. Click on “Share”. Click on the backward arrow to go to the previous path point. Prezi enters into a
full screen mode. You can also save your work by clicking on the save button.
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