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Whina Cooper Timeline

No description

Divyashri Thakkar

on 17 August 2015

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Transcript of Whina Cooper Timeline

Whina Cooper
Whina Cooper was born on the 9th of December 1895. In Northern Hokianga.
In 1992 Whina Cooper started to attend Whakarapa Native School, walking 6 miles everyday. She then continued to study at St Josephs Maori College in Napier.
In 1911 Whina began her first job working in a retail store. She was then offered a job as a school teacher which she eventually quit to help her Father with community affairs in their village.
Whina's father was her inspiration, she loved to hear him speak publicly to the people, lead them and give justice.
Whina was married to Richard Gilbert in 1917. Soon after that her siblings kicked her and her husband out of her late fathers house. However they were saved by the priest who helped them financially by offering them a retail store and a piece of land to work in order to pay off their loans.
Women's League
In April 1947 Whina Cooper became the first woman elected as the president of the Rugby Union Branch. In September 1951 She was elected president of the Maori Woman's Welfare League. By 1956 the league had over 300 branches and 4,000 members.
The Maori Land March
In 1975 Whina was requested to lead a march from Te Haupu in the far North to Parliament in Wellington. On October the 13th 80 year old Whina Cooper lead 5,000 marchers into Parliament grounds presenting a petition for land rights, which had been signed by over 60,000 people.
Whina Cooper died in Hokianga, where she was born 98 years ago. On March the 26th 1994 thousands of people attended her funeral and it was broadcast live on televesion and watched by millions across the country who had been impacted by this great Maori leader.
Hokianga in the early 1900s
St Josephs, 2000s
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