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Hiroshi Yamauchi - Nintendo

No description


on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of Hiroshi Yamauchi - Nintendo

Mr. Hiroshi Yamauchi

- Background of Mr. Yamauchi
- Nintendo
1974–1983: Early electronic era
1983–present: Home consoles
- Characters
- Questions?

Made by Sigourney Karijodikoro
Table of content
- Born in Kyoto 1927
- 1949 – 2002 : President of the company
- † 19 September 2013

- Japanese business, founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi
- Hanafuda Cards
- “Nintendo” = “Leave luck to heaven”
- Nintendo Karuta Company
- Walt Disney
- Gunpei Yokoi
-“Urutora Hando” “Ultra Hand”
- Laser Clay Shooting System

- Color TV Game
- Shingeru Miyamoto
- Donkey Kong
- Huge boost in profit
- Mario, “Jumpman”

1974-1983: Early electronic era

- 1983: Family Computer
- 1985: Nintendo Entertainment System
- 1992: Super Nintendo Entertainment System
- 90% share of the hardware market

1883 – Present: Home consoles

- Game Boy
- Game Boy Advance
- 2004: Nintendo DS


GameBoy >> GameBoy Advance

Nintendo DS >> Nintendo DS Lite

Nintendo DSi >> Nintendo DSi XL

Nintendo’s Characters

Rest in peace… 

- How do you explain the great success of launching the Super Nintendo Entertainment System?

- What do you think about Nintendo's future?
Will it still exist for the next decade or will it
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