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Student Employee Training

No description

Patricia Bishop

on 11 July 2014

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Transcript of Student Employee Training

Welcome Aboard
Let me introduce you.
Office Overview
School and College
Student Affairs
Shelia Burkhalter
associate vice president
student affairs
Kathleen Anderson
dean of students
Bill Schnirel
executive director
student development
Robert L. Bogomolny
Joseph S. Wood
senior vice president for academic affairs
Harry Schuckel
senior vice president for administration and finance
Miriam King
senior vice president for enrollment management and student affairs
Laura Bryan
Yale Gordon College of Arts and Sciences
Ronald Weich
School of Law
Frank J. Navratil
interim dean,
Merrick School of Business
Stephen L. Percy
College of Public Affairs
Student Affairs
Campus Recreation
and Wellness
Diversity and Culture Center
Staff Documentation
Connects students to success;
Helps them effectively navigate transitions;
Involves students in co-curricular experiences which complement their academic, professional, and personal development.
Offers a variety of programs, resources and services that are dedicated to improving the quality of life and the well being of the University community.
Fosters a community that supports personal and collective growth and intellectual exploration by building bridges of international, intercultural, and interracial understanding through academic excellence, cultural awareness, community service, professional and leadership development.
Facility walkthroughs
Completion of paperwork
Policy reviews
Additional departmental trainings
Gain insight into who you are.
Learn about how to achieve success in the workplace, academically, and personally.
Talk to your supervisor about getting your unique,
one-time access code and completing the
StrengthsFinder Assessment.
Assesses performance, knowledge, and skills.
Supervisor feedback to monitor your progress.
Reinforces personal outcomes and goals.
Provides guidance in areas that may need
Supplemental to evaluations.
Provide positive feedback.
Getting Started
Types of Student Employment
Federal Work-Study
Student Assistant
Graduate Administrative
Determined by most recent FASFA.
Mostly government funded.
Must be enrolled at least part-time
(6 credits).
Available to all undergraduate, graduate,
and international students.
Funded through department budgets.
Available to graduate and international graduate
students only.
Funding determined by University and
departmental budget.
Human Resources/Payroll
Direct Deposit
Not mandatory for student employees.
Additional form, sent to Human Resources
with any other New Hire paperwork.
Contact your supervisor with any questions
about your paperwork, contract, or payroll
before contacting Human Resources or the
Payroll Office.
Form I-9:
Employment Eligibility
Required of all new employees.
Must be completed through the MyUB portal by
the end of your first day.
Original accompanying documents must be provided
to Human Resources by your third day of employment.
Human Resources is now located on the
3rd Floor of the Charles Royal Building,
1319 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21201.
Your Bee Card is needed to access the building.
Non-Discrimination Statement
The University of Baltimore does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, age, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation or disability in its programs, activities, or employment practices.
Student Handbook
The University sets forth guidelines and expectations that apply to all undergraduate, graduate, and professional students of the University and to all persons who are registered or enrolled in any credit or non-credit course or program offered by the University.

Some of these policies include:
Behavior Expectations
Sexual Offense Policies
Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Policies

It is your responsibility to be familiar and in compliance with these policies. www.ubalt.edu/studenthandbook
Customer Service
Everyone's responsibility.
Follow the 10 and 5 Rule
When a guest comes within 10 feet:
Cease all conversation.
Make eye contact with the guest.
When a guest comes within 5 feet:
Acknowledge the guest with a warm greeting and offer your assistance.
Always listen, respond, and follow-up.
Understand that the customer is not always right, but should always be treated with respect.
Ensure your conduct reflects positively upon yourself and the University.
Always keep your workspaces clean, organized, and accessible.
Do not use your cell phone, unless there is an emergency.
Always wear your uniform
Staff shirt
Name badge
Pants (khaki or dark colored)
Close-toed shoes
ID Card
Office Equipment
The equipment in the office is for work-related purposes ONLY.
Only employees working a scheduled shift are permitted to use the computers.
Computers are not be used to access Facebook, YouTube, complete homework, or any other personal endeavors.
Any work completed on the computers needs to be saved on the R drive.
Answering the Phones
Phones are also meant to be used for work-related purposes ONLY.
Always answer the phone in a timely manner using proper English.
When you pick up the phone
Say, "Hello."
Your Name
1. Press the “Trans” button. Do not use the “Forward” button.
2. Once you have the extension number, dial it on the phone.
3. When the employee answers the phone, inform them of who is calling and why they called.
4. Then, press “Trans” again, and it will transfer the call.
To Transfer a Call or Take a Message
When taking a message include:
Reason for calling
Call back number
Your name.

Leave the note with the person the caller was trying to reach and inform them of who is calling and their reason for calling.
For Bill,

Jane Smith called on Tuesday, November 12, 2000 at 12:12 because she wanted a refund on her membership. Her number is 444.489.4498.

Jo Blane
University Identification
After contacting a member of your direct professional staff for approval, this program will allow you to:
To Complete Your Timesheet:
To Submit Your Timesheet:
Accessing Outlook
Sending an E-mail
Using the Calendar
Acceptable ID Cards
Faculty and Staff
Alumni, Emeritus, Retirees
Contractors, Affiliates,
Auditors, and Guests
VIP and Regents
CRW Memberships
(Not an Official UB ID)
Old Memberships
Need to Know
Campus Safety
Offices of Admission
Career and Professional Development
University of Baltimore Police
Enhances the quality of campus life through the creation of a safe and secure environment for faculty, staff, students, and campus visitors to pursue a positive work and educational experience.

Emergencies: 410.837.4444
Business: 410.837.5529

Geo-Fence (20-30 blocks surrounding campus): #4444
Available with T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon.

Samuel D. Tress, chief of police
Office of Community Life
and the Dean of Students
Serves as a resource and advocate for University of Baltimore students.
Assists students in navigating University services and policies.
Federal law
No information, applications, forms, letters, records, transcripts, etc. may be
released, whether orally or in writing, without prior written consent,
dated and signed by the student, specifying the records to be released,
the reasons for release and to who the records are to be released.
Directory information is an exception, unless otherwise documented.
Intentional disclosure of information may result in criminal and civil penalties,
as well as disciplinary actions, including university judicial review and/or
termination of employment.
Clery Act
Federal law
Requires campuses to provide an annual report, including:
Crime statistics
Reporting procedures
Crime prevention resources
Prepared by the University of Baltimore Police Department,
Office of Student Affairs, and the Baltimore Police Department.
Crimes may be reported to:
University of Baltimore Police Department
Baltimore Police Department
Dean of Students
Counseling Services
Executive Director of Student Development
Kognito: At-Risk for College Students
Online gatekeeper and suicide prevention training.
Allows you to recognize issues, not provide assistance.
Counseling Center
Delivers mental health services to students.
Provides free services that encourage personal growth, help define goals and address concerns.
Inclement Weather Policy
The University President has the authority to cancel or otherwise modify class and work schedules because of emergency conditions that may arise because of inclement weather, fire, power failure, civil disorder, or other unusual circumstances which may endanger students or employees.
Official university closing announcements can be found at:
Weather line at 410.837.4201;
University’s web page;
University’s e-mail system;
and Various news and radio programs.
Campus Text Alert System
State-of-the-art emergency text message system.
Available on all text message capable devices.
The most secure way for the University of Baltimore community to receive notifications critical to your safety and wellbeing.

To sign up:
The 10 BEST Reasons to Choose UB
10. Knowledge That Works for you.
9. We’re a public university where you’ll have a private college experience.
8. We’re highly affordable.
7. We’re in the middle of everything instead of the middle of nowhere.
6. Supporting you is what we’re all about.
5. We give a whole new meaning to student life.
4. Our alumni are here for you.
3. Progress is our middle name.
2. We make it easy for you to apply.
1. You!
Career and Professional Development Center
Empowers people to manage their own careers—a valuable asset
in today’s competitive marketplace.
Provide support and encouragement as you become an agent of
your own success.
Career Cycle
Professional Development
Student Employee Training
One-hour sessions offered once a month from September-November and February-April.
Resume Review
Optimal Resume website.
Professional feedback.
Career Coaching
Experience "Knowledge That Works" after your college experience.

How To

Center for
Student Involvement
Provides meaningful, engaging, and supportive opportunities for
students to grow in personal and professional success.
Student Ambassador Program
Provides an open and welcoming atmosphere for the University of Baltimore community and its guests.
Promotes a safe environment while providing students, faculty, staff, and the general public information to improve their experience with the university and its surrounding neighborhoods.
Trade shifts or pick up a dropped shift.
Set your schedule preferences:
To access the training:
Contact Information
Counseling Center
Academic Center, Room 111
Note that this is not a secure nor confidential email address. It also is not an emergency contact.
To transfer a call:
First and second floors of the Charles Royal Building, 1319 N. Charles St.
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