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No description

Abena Anantharajah

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Autobiography

Creative Activity Time !
Relevant Comparisons
How to ...
Gathering Information
The History and Development
The Formal Paradigm
an account of a person's life written by that person. (dictionary.com)
The Egyptian Theory
The Middle Ages
The Modern Era
Writing Styles (Differences in Genders)
Chronological Order
Point of view
Authors Purpose
What to Avoid
What is an Autobiography?
"Maintain a positive attitude !"
Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight
By: Stanya V.
By : Monsy E.
"Life Gets Better"
Adjusting: The life and lies of Zoya Chughtai.. so far
By: Zoya C.
"Confidence And Bravery
Will Get You Far"
More Than Just The Tall Girl
By: Abena A.
"Everything Happens For A Reason"
Why We Can't Wait
By: Martin Luther King Jr.
Miles to Go
By: Miley Cyrus
Seriously ... I'm Kidding
By: Ellen DeGeneres
By: Barbara Gowdy

Food For Thought ...

Why write an autobiography ?
Entertain us !
Help us Remember !
Teach us !
Connect us !
Save us !
Write a setting
Writer's block ?
Putting the Pieces Together
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