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Literacy Terms With Tom Hiddleston

No description

L. Hiddlestoned

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of Literacy Terms With Tom Hiddleston

Literacy Terms With Tom Hiddleston
Plot Diagram
A diagram showing the development of a story
The storyline
Beginning of story, introducing characters and setting
By Lia H.Riddle
Tom Hiddleston was playing out the plot of Thor: The Dark World for an interviewer
I chose this picture because it introduces the viewer to the characters and the setting of Thor (2011).
Rising Action
The development of conflict and complications in a literary work
The reason I chose this picture is because this scene was one of the factors that led to the climax of Thor (2011) where Thor and Loki faced off.
the turning point
This is the climax of Thor (2011). Loki and Thor finally face off.
Falling Action
Results or effects of the climax
Loki lets go and lets Thor win.
The end when loose ends are tied up and questions are answered
I chose this photo because it was the end of Thor.
The struggle
The conflict of Thor was Thor's inability to be king due to his arrogance. His nefarious brother didn't really help with that either.
The method of returning to an earlier point in time for the purpose of making the present clearer
This is a flashback of Thor (2011).
The main character
In Only Lovers Left Alive, Tom will play as Adam, the protagonist.
The place or time of a story
In Midnight in Paris, Tom played as the famous author F. Scott Fitzgerald (who wrote The Great Gatsby) visiting Paris with Zelda in the 1920's.
the underlying main idea
A theme in Thor is that being a leader has to do with being responsible and cautious.
I used this picture because it is a plot diagram.
A person in a novel, play, or film.
Static Character
A character that stays the same throughout a story
Dynamic Character
A character who changes throughout the story
External Conflict
Loki changes throughout Thor, because at first he is the "good" younger son, but then by the end of the movie, he turns to the bad side.
Person telling the story
Tom Hiddleston read the story of The Red Necklace by Sally Gardner, hence becoming the narrator of the story. Though if you were to get into a literary sense, one would say that the narrator would be Yann Maragoza.
Person who wrote the story
William Shakespeare is the author of Tom Hiddleston's favorite play: Othello.
Point of View
The perspective from which the story is told
The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald was told in Nick Carraway's perspective.
The convincing of one's point of view
I chose this photo because Loki uses his words as persuasion.
Controlling Idea
The theme in Thor is that leaders sometimes have to sacrifice things to be fair.
The conveyed feeling
The tone in this scene is sadness and hopelessness.
The feeling one gets while reading
(Un-Hiddlestonian) The feeling a person got while reading this was of somewhere between sadness and admiration
The agitation or stress that results from the conflict
There is a myriad of tension.
Assuming something
Natasha used inference to get Loki to tell he his "secret" plans.
Isn't real
Loki Laufeyson is a fictional character.
How an author write
The reason I chose this picture is because Tom Hiddleston was mostly known for his BBC roles. They were in a sense his style.
Intent or message
UNICEF aims, through its country programmes, to promote the equal rights of women and girls and to support their full participation in the political, social, and economic development of their communities.
Tom Hiddleston works with UNICEF.
Figurative Language
Paints a picture using descriptive language
Loki doesn't really have a silver tongue and Thor isn't really a son made out of gold hence the figurative language.
Comparison of two unlike things using like or as
Tom's sister always used to say that Tom's hair was LIKE a broom.
Comparison of two unlike things without using like or as
In an interview, Tom said that Loki's mind was a box of cats. Why? No one will ever know.
Drawing a Conclusion
Assuming things based on facts
One can assume that Loki will get pulverized.
I chose this photo because it shows all the different characters Tom Hiddleston has played.
Tom Hiddleston is real.
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