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3.02 Big Picture Africa

No description

Ayleene Cajiao

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of 3.02 Big Picture Africa

Central Africa: Kongo
This area adopted Bantu farming, language, and cultural traits. They specialized in ceramics used to dry river fish for trade. Raffia cloth brought wealth and emerged a new class. The new class came to rule Kongo. Kongo became an empire that would dominate the region.
Eastern Africa: Ethiopia
Ethiopian people competed for dominance in the area. The Shewa ruler, Yekuno Amlak led a rebellion that established the Solomonic dynasty that would rule Ethiopia in the modern age. Ethiopia constantly faced threats from the Muslims and Portuguese. The Ethiopians resisted. The Zagwe emperor, Lalibela, establishment the Christians Kingdom of Ethiopia.
Southern Africa: Lunda
Kunda was influenced by the Bantu as well. The Bantu brought farming. Salt was extremely valuable in trade and used as currency, money, and it was a major source of political power. Lunda traded often with Arabs and Africans. Kingdom survived till the 18th century.
3.02 Big Picture Africa
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