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on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of History

1718 the French established a fort at Green Bay.
1848 Wisconsin becomes the 30th state.
1850 the railroad reaches Wisconsin.
1871 a forest fire near Peshtigo kills more 1,200 people.
2007 eighteen tornadoes tear through Wisconsin in one day damaging hundreds of homes.
Wisconsin is world famous for its cheese. Close to 1/3 of Americas cheese comes from Wisconsin. Wisconsin also is one of the leading states in paper production. Also they do alot of work in car production and meat and food processing.One of the cheese factories are called Bletsoe's Honey Bee Cheese. That factory was one of the five original factories in the town of Hamburg in the 1900's. It is the only one still fully operating today. Bleteoes cheese is a third generation cheese maker family. David and Bonnie Bletsoe are both owners and licensed cheese makers of Bletsoes cheese, Inc of marathon, Wisconsin.
Thousands of years ago a glacier moved southward into present day Wisconsin. This ice crushed everything as it spread. Mountains in its path were flattened eventually it covered almost all of Wisconsin creating the flat land Wisconsin has today. There still are little hills and an area it did not touch called the rocky corner that probly most of the state looked like before the glacier hit.
capital: Madison
governor: Scott Walker (republican)
72 counties
2 US senators
Fun Facts
pro football team the Green Bay Packers
pro baseball team Milwaukee Brewers
pro basketball team Milwaukee Bucks
pro american football team Milwaukee Mustangs
state gem red granite
state animal badger
state flower viola sororia
state bird american robin
Wisconsin nicknames are americas dairy land and badger state
Wisconsin's population: 5,726,398
by Aidan McLaughlin

Economic map of Wisconson
Political map of Wisconsin
Road map of Wisconsin
Geographic map
Distance traveled
79 miles from Madison to Milwaukee
from Green Bay to Peshtigo is 69.9 miles
from Peshtigo to Westerly Creek Elementary is 1,146
About Total miles traveled
1,696 miles
Wisconsin has badgers and I know it. Wisconsin is such a cool place its so awsome no other state can compete with it cant compete with it know they cant compete with it cant compete with it, Wisconsin yah.
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