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Pearl Harbor

No description

Philip Smith

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Pearl Harbor

Summary Directed: Michael Bay
Writer: Randall Wallace
Release:25 May, 2001
Awards: Oscar, 10 others Josh Hartnett Capt Danny Walker Ben Affleck Capt Rafe McCawly Kate Beckinsale Nurse Lt Evelyn Johnson Cuba Gooding Jr. Petty Officer Doris Miller John Voight President FDR Alec Baldwin James Doolittle Facts on Attack... December 7, 1941
Attack on Pearl Harbor brought U.S. into the war
There were 2,403 people killed
- 68 were civilians
- 1,178 were wounded
Four U.S. Navy battle ships were destroyed.
-USS Arizona
-USS Nevada
-USS Oklahoma
-USS West Virgina Facts on Attack Attack was called Operation Z by the Japanese Imperial General.
Declaration of war was sent to U.S. by Japan before the attack, but U.S. thought it was an end to negotiations.
Pearl Harbor not in High Alert, Aircrafts left parked, wingtip up, anti-aircraft guns unmaned, ammunition boxes locked. Accurate Japan developed aerial torpedoes that can
operate in shallow water.
Nagumo's ships followed a storm front & maintained radio silence to avoid their location.
There were three waves of airplane attacks, but the third wave was called off to use in case of a counter attack.
First wave arrived at 7:55 a.m. and consisted of 183 planes
Second wave arrived almost an hour later with 167 planes.
Dorrie Miller was the first black man ever to receive the Navy Cross.
Two Army Operators at Oahu's northern shore radar station detected planes coming into Pearl Harbor. Reported this to junior officer and said it was B17.

Inaccurate Two waves an hour apart but the movie makes it appear as one.
Twelve B17 bomber made it to Pearl Harbor during the attack, all were shot down. None had guns
Love story was fake.
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