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Life Cycle Of A Glass Frog

No description

jennavi hoisington

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Life Cycle Of A Glass Frog

Step 2 (Tadpole)
The egg will hatch on a leaf. It is now a tadpole. The tadpole has a powerful tail that allows them to swim and quickly get away from predators or any big movement that tells them that danger is near.
Step 4 (Adult Frog)
The frog is now fully grown. It now will find a mate to help with it's responsibilitys.
Stage 1 (Egg)
The parents will lay a few eggs on a leaf. A Glass Frog will hatch in a canopy. The male will protect the egg until it is ready to hatch.
Step 3 (Froglet)
The froglet is just like a adult frog . It is just a little bit smaller.
Life Cycle Of A Glass Frog
Glass Frog eggs are see through.
Glass Frogs are see through on there belly.
A froglet has yellow spots.
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