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Cell Analogy - Theme Park Edition

No description

Evelyn Stempinski

on 3 September 2012

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Transcript of Cell Analogy - Theme Park Edition

Golgi Bodies Mitochondria Endoplasmic Reticulum The Nucleus Cytoplasm Nucleolus Cell Membrane Comparison: Animal Cell to a Theme Park Anatomy and Physiology
Mrs. Worley
By: Elyse Stempinski Centriole Lysosome Ribosome The Cell Membrane = Surrounding Fence/Barrier of Theme Park Just like the cell membrane protects the cell and only lets certain things in and out of the cell, the barrier around the theme park keeps everything contained while letting things pass in and out of the park with admission. = The Cytoplasm = The inside of the Theme Park The cytoplasm is the inside of the cell where all the cell's processes take place. In a theme park, the inside of the park is where all the events take place. = The Nucleus = The Manager of the Park The nucleus is the storage center for DNA and the control center for all metabolic processes. The manager of the park is responsible for scheduling all events and knowing everything that comes in and out of the park. He is also the holder of the blueprints for the park for maintenance etc. = The Nucleolus = The Theme Park Manager The nucleolus is located in the nucleus and is responsible for making ribosomal RNA. You can compare the nucleolus to the park manager because they both decide what goes on and what happens within their domain.
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