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Team Awesome!

Crash Course for Creativity

Saad Hamid

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Team Awesome!

Hello! namaste! konichiwa Salam! We are 'Team Awesome' three guys ...and a sweet girl From Pakistan From United States of America Contrary to what's common between government of Pakistan and United States ...none of us discussed/talked about Talibans or drones Saad Waleed Jalal Meghan Waleed is younger than Saad who is younger than Meghan but Jalal rules all of us (in terms of age) Waleed (1989) < Saad (1988) < Meghan (1984) < Jalal (1982) and lizards... They scare
Saad and Jalal but Meghan and
Waleed are just fine
with them hanging around did you know that
Waleed and Jalal share
the same birth month (November)? while Saad (October) and Meghan (December) have their birth months just before and after the birth month of Waleed and Jalal. Coincidence? Jalal and Meghan use a Blackberry Saad uses an iPhone while Waleed uses a Nokia Each one of them loves....Facebook because it is the most awesome thing
created since...well...sliced bread! And guess their favorite colors? Saad? Meghan? Waleed? Jalal? btw..all of them love books too! Saad and Meghan have 1 sibling

Both of them are also TEDx organizers
and TEDGlobal 2012 attendees.

and they blog too. Surprisingly!...none of them hate Justin Bieber and they all believe in ONE GOD Hope you enjoyed!

Take care and God bless you Lets start with an interesting fact want to know more about us?

follow the link:
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