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Circle Seating.

No description

William Barber

on 20 October 2016

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Transcript of Circle Seating.

Full Value Contract.
M: Grab an Index Card and take a seat.
V: Voice Level of 0
P:Answer the Do Now below on your index card.
1. Mr Barber has grades as well as test grades in your portfolio to look at.
2. If you all could choose 2 assignments (Do Nows, Worksheets, Classroom Assignments) we have worked on in class
3. Those assignments will be added into your folder with your unit test.
On your card..
After you choose one of the core values do the following.
1. Write how you can incorporate this value into the science classroom.
2. Also how could this help YOU!
Share out.
=We will go around the room and share out some examples of the core values we have choosen.
Do Now: Choose a core value from the full value contract and write it down on your card.

Choices: Be here, Be safe, Let go & move on, Be honest, Set goals, Care for self & others
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