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Bull Riding

No description

Lane Byrne

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Bull Riding

Bull Riding By: Lane Byrne Purpose stay on the animal
time period is 8 seconds
riders hand is inserted into a rope handle
represents a suitcase handle Chaps- leather chaps that protect the legs
Helmet- a lacrosse helmet to protect the head
Vest- to protect the torso
Boots- to protect the feet
Spurs- to get a grip on the bull. doesn't hurt the animal
Glove- so the hand doesn't get rope burned
Rosin-Gets the rope sticky Equipment History mid nineteenth century.
roping steers they had on the ranch
competition Scoring 0-50 point scoring system.
matching the bull's movements
control of the ride.
The bull
Rankness History Bull's Equipment A flank strap
around back waist
doesn't hurt the bull
A bull rope
around the bull
right behind the front legs
Allows the rider to hang on. Naming system Unique name
Owners pick
Characteristics Relation To English Presented It
Brought all the Equipment
Explained the equipment Work Cited John Bowman. "Bull Rider Drawings for Sale". fineartamerica.com. fineartamerica.com
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