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SNSPA guest lecture - contingency theory

No description


on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of SNSPA guest lecture - contingency theory

Public Relations Theories and Practices
18.000 tweets (540.000 reach)
180.000 combined views of YouTube videos
(give in)
(no change
of stance)
(Cancel, Cameron, Sallot, & Mitrook, 1997)
Contingency theory of conflict management
(1) The size of the organization
(2) Corporate culture
(3) Business exposure
(4) Public relations to dominant coalition
(5) Dominant coalition enlightenment
(6) Individual characteristics of key individuals, like the CEO
(Cancel, Mitrook, & Cameron, 1999)
(1) Urgency of the situation
(2) Characteristics of the other public
(3) Potential or obvious threats
(4) Potential costs or benefit for the organization from choosing the various stances
(Cancel, Mitrook, & Cameron, 1999).
Predisposing factors
Situational factors
Plan for a crisis
Identify general and specific vulnerabilities
Identify key stakeholders
Identify key team members
Identify appropriate communication channels
Determine post-crisis communication

(Pang, Cropp and Cameron, 2003)
take charge
be human
Google Alerts
Northen Light Search
Yahoo! Pipes
Escalation a la Amy's
Reply to everyone
Respond to trolls
React right away
Reddit is for the weak
Insult people
Never walk away
Read more:
Amy's have deleted their posts from their Facebook page.

Since then they have closed the bakery, hired a PR company, reopened the store and hint to a new reality show on their Facebook page.
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