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History and successes of the Budapest bike-movement

From the beginnings to 2013

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Transcript of History and successes of the Budapest bike-movement

It's a child's toy
How the city looked at cyclists?

In the meantime...

The Mayor of Budapest wanted to adjourn the Car Free Day (22nd September) from a weekday to Sunday in order not to disturb the transport of the city’.
'Budapest will never be Amsterdam' - he said.
A group of bicycle messengers were outraged and started to organise the first legal and peaceful
Critical Mass ride
The bicycle is
a toy or a sports equipment
'It's just disturbing the transport
<30 km dedicated
bike paths
In very poor condition
Mostly on the sidewalk
'Save money:
use yellow paint!'
conception for development
Car Free Day '05
Tour de Voks
We demanded the implication of cycling policies
We 'kidnapped' the minister
Government commissioner for cycling
For Budapest Award
From the city council
Received for improving the transportation culture
Go pro!
1st New Infrastructure
2005: Separated path on the sidewalk
We didn't know what's good for safe and quick cycling
Policy changes
That's me
That's the minister
They had
statistics on bike commuters
They did
attend cycling planning
Critical Mass turns into a festival
More local advocacy
stronger lobbying
demonstrations if needed
In 2010 we held conferences:
The story of the Hungarian bicycle movement
What do we know about Budapest?
Historic city with a
failed urban transport system

Go institutionalized
2004 - 2013

Goal: More bikes on the streets!
Simple messages: 'Every road is a bike road!'
Build communities, start local activities
Don't be afraid of radical demands, but stay peaceful
Use the power of subculture, connect on social media
2005 - 2006
Be a partner
Develope your skills and advocacy
Learn from professionals
Teach urban planners and policy-makers
President joins CM
Go pop!
Goal: Increase cycling level
Message: Cycling is not a subculture!
Professional campaigns, thousands involved, supporting media coverage (eg. Bike to Work)
Cycle Chic
Local campaigns
Cycling became popular and safe
Cycling level rises 50-80% yearly
Cycling is no longer a subculture
2008 -
'Priorities has changed'
Companies join the hype
Changes in traffic
A Cycling Capital
mainstream bicycle culture developed from a subcultural group
not critical, it's normal
50-80% more people on bikes / year
strong advocacy

Dávid Vitézy - CEO, Center for Budapest Transport, 2012
New road code
Design guidelines for urban planning
Bike-policy for Budapest
New infrastructures
New state entities join too
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