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Addiction And The Brain

No description

Aaron Holben

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Addiction And The Brain

How The Brain Communicaties
What Drugs Do To The Brain
Addiction And The Brain
All drugs affect the reward circuit of the brain
- This is the system of neurons that
releases dopamine as a transmitter
to create a feeling of pleasure to
reinforce a behavior
Our brains are wired to make sure we repeat life-sustaining activities by associating them with pleasure or reward
How You Become Addicted
Nerve cells within the brain
Send and recieve messages to/from other nuerons
Messages start in the cell body and move along the axon to other neurons
Chemical messenger created by neuron
Axon releases and sends transmitter to another neuron across a synapse
Transmitter attaches to the receptor of the other neuron
Receptors and transmitters work like a lock and key
Part of the neuron that is sending the message
Pulls the transmitter back to the neuron once its done its job
4 Components of Neuron Communication
Interferes with the way nerve cells communicate
-Disrupts how they send,
receive, and process
Each drug affects the brain in a different way
Regular activites that we need to do in order to survive (eating, sleeping, etc.) release a certain ammount of dopamine
After the intake of a drug the amount of dopamine released can be up to ten times that released of a natural reward
-This sudden increase in dopamine is
what creates the "high"
The effects of this dopamine can last much longer too
The brain starts adjusting to the overwhelming amounts of dopamine
This causes the amount of dopamine released by natural rewards to not have an affect
Because of this, the abuser needs to take the drug in order to feel normal amounts of pleasure
Also, they will have to take more of the drug to experience a high
Pictures from Google Images
The Addictive Process
.....the end
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