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No description

Andrea Rowe

on 10 December 2012

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Pale faces, powdered hair, rouge and more... 18th Century Beauty
in France Women's Hair - The ideal 18th century woman had either black,
brown, or blonde hair. If she was born a redhead, dye was used.
-Their hair was curly or wavy texture.
- Professional hairstylists were frequently utilized to dress the hair and insert false hair.
- While it was expected for a woman to augment her hair with false hair, padding, powder, and ornaments, women’s hair was supposed to remain “natural” by avoiding wigs which were worn by men.
- The richer you were, the more elaborate your hair! Women's Makeup - French aristocratic women work thick layers
of white face paint, copious amounts of rouge, and many of the fashionable black patches, "mouches", to cover their imperfections and heighten the contrast of their pale skin
- Cosmetics were not reserved to the upper classes. Any French woman desiring to be fashionable at the time could easily make her own makeup or buy it depending on the cost.
-The middle classes tended to prefer shades of pink to that of the strong red hues sported by aristocrats.
- Red, strong pink or even peach blush was worn by the French in either a circular shape or an upside-down triangle.
- Shiny white paint (usually containing lead) was spread from the face to the shoulders
-Lips were reddened with pomade
-Eyes were often seen with a reddish colour around them but were usually bare
- Eyebrows were thickened and darkened and the ends were tapered to make a half-moon shape
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